Crosby Stills Nash & Young: D

If you attended any shows during CSNY’s 2006 “Freedom of Speech” tour, or have listened to Neil Young’s Living With War, you’ll already know the emotion attached to the songs that are included on this striking live album.

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The Stills : Crocodile Cafe, Seattle, WA 4/25/2006

Though now living in New York, The Stills are, in some ways, in an (un)enviable position: they hail from Montreal, the latest “buzz city” and home of The Arcade Fire, among others. While undoubtedly proving a useful boost to young, hungry bands, the current popularity of their hometown also means heightened expectations for all who hail from Montreal. Fortunately for The Stills, their live show is proof that some buzz is justified; they bring it, and bring it good.

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Wolf Parade: Wolf Parade EP

The latest in the line of the hip Canada bands are art rockers Wolf Parade with the release of their self-titled Sub Pop EP. At four tracks and a little over thirteen minutes long the discs give you a good taste of what

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mellowdrone: go get ’em tiger

With its mopey vocals and multi-layered arrangements, the second EP from
mellowdrone – go get ’em tiger – is what would result if Radiohead and the Cure had a jam/writing session for a locked away weekend – or maybe an
hour. In fact, the influences are so obvious it’s hard to pin point you’re
actually listening to mellowdrone, the alter-ego of singer/songwriter/musician Jonathan Bates.

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