Julian Casablancas: St. Andrew

To say that Julian Casablancas has had a conventional rock and roll road would be a bit of a stretch. The Strokes lead singer came to Detroit’s St. Andrew’s Hall with his solo band on a humid Monday night and his show would prove to be anything but ordinary, whether or not that is a good thing , is still up in the air.

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Lolita Bras : Piano’s, New York City, NY 1/26/2006

The 80’s. It’s a state of mind, from big hair and leg warmers to Atari football. You know the one where you could run through the screen and come out the other side, thus running around the entire world to sack the quarterback, good times. With the retro flair of John Hughes films and Lacoste polo's, the rock and roll was sure to follow and it has in a big way. From the Bravery to Bloc Party to the Killers the “Me” decade is alive and selling in the music world. Enter a new contender for the retro title, the Lolita Bras.

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Sam Champion – Perfect Pitch

Delivering melodic pop music as lofty as Pavement and as grounded as Neil Young or Wilco, Sam Champion is ready to blossom beyond their Big
Apple roots. With their follow-up album due in July, the band is demanding everybody to simply take a listen.

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Gerling: Badblood!!!

Straying from the choppy chords, choppy hair and choppy vintage Ts of post-punk, Gerling have nice shoes and an affection for disco balls. Playing with late 70s punk swagger, and leaning towards 80s indulgence, Badblood!!! acts as a retro-predecessor of punk morphing into synth-pop.

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Phantom Planet: Sound Rotation

Upon releasing their strongest effort to date, and holding a coveted lineup spot for the upcoming eclectic Coachella Festival, Phantom Planet is allowing their ghoulish name and brash music to speak for itself.

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