The Psychedelic Knights of Zohar

Review: The Psychedelic Knights of Zohar

The Psychedelic Knights of Zohar @ The Local 269, Sept. 28

Words: Josh Fleet
Pictures: Vince Averill

The three dudes on stage are from the future.

B is on bass. He’s an outer space wizard or a witch doctor or a shaman. Or something. He wears a white moo moo – or is that a kimodo? – an ornate feather headdress, yellow-tinted work goggles and a yellow cape. The cape might just be a table cloth, or plastic wrap. B’s Earth name: Brad Steuernagel.

[All photos by Vince Averill]

To B’s right, on an azure Ibanez and in a full Thor motocross outfit – down to matching neon green Adidas sneaks – is J, a professional dirt-bike racer from the year 3000. Earth name: Jay Bois.

On drums is CJ, who wears a garbage man’s jumpsuit. He’s a “worker drone of the future,” Jay said. “The dark oppressive future where everyone is an automaton.” Though CJ clearly broke out of the trance, he continues to wear the uniform out of pride. Earth name: Cary Prusa.

These are the Psychedelic Knights of Zohar.

“Coffee shop rock. That’s what we do,” one of them says. “Psychedelic dad rock,” says another. But then, from the get go – a Zeppelin-inspired drone-based intro – there is mostly much thrashing. Ear-bursting thrashing. Drum bursting, too. Literally. The white bass drum has a massive puncture through its face.

The next song, Colombo, is just as shreddy and just as loud, but there are hints of Southern Rock in the intro and outro, that is, before and after the Knights enter the Fourth Dimension.

READ ON for more from Josh on TPKoZ at the Local 269…

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