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B List: 10 Most Memorable Whistling Songs

[Originally Published: May 13, 2010]

A status update from our friend Justin of the OhKeePah Blog read that he “likes songs with whistling,” which got us thinking about all the songs in rock history that feature whistling. There are plenty of duds but plenty of classic tunes as well that contain at least a little whistling in them.

For this week’s B List we’ve put together a list of the ten most memorable songs that include whistling. The tunes that you can’t help but hum along with when you hear them on the radio or see them on TV.

10. The Scorpions – Wind of Change

During the summer of 1991, you couldn’t listen to Top 40 radio for more than 20 minutes without hearing Klaus Meine’s distinctive whistling throughout The Scorpions’ epic power ballad – Wind of Change. The tune, which is about the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, made it to #4 in the States but still stands as the 10th best selling single in the history of Germany. READ ON for our nine most memorable whistling songs…

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