F4tF: The Chicago Hot Dog Trip, Pt. 2

Last week I recollected a 24-hour trip a couple of friends and I took in April 2009 for my posting F4tF: The Chicago Hot Dog Trip, Pt. 1. This week, I bring you day two of this whirlwind trip.

We knew going into day two that time was of the essence as our first stop of the day was Hot Doug’s.  Being that Hot Dog’s has unique hours (Open Mon-Sat 10:30AM-4PM) and has a reputation of getting busy from the second the doors open until 4:30PM when they close, our goal was to get there as close to 10:30 as we possibly could.

True to form, when we got there around 10:35AM, there were already eight or nine people in line ahead of us.  You can always find Doug Sohn (the Doug of Hot Dougs) working the register, engaging his customers and overseeing the kitchen, all without having to move from his one spot.

READ ON for more on Jon’s Chicago Hot Dog Trip…

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