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Video: Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes

Late last year, surfer/singer Jack Johnson released his first-ever live concert DVD, En Concert. The movie, which documents Johnson’s 2008 European tour, is directed by his longtime friend Emmett Malloy

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Christmas w/ Brushfire: Zach Gill

Jack Johnson and an assortment of musicians on his Brushfire Records roster pitched in to create a debut holiday album called This Warm December.

Zach Gill – Johnson’s keyboardist, solo artist and front man for the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO) contributed to the Brushfire holiday compilation with a solo track on the album and another one with ALO. Gill has been keeping himself busy lately touring with Mason Jennings after releasing an impressive new solo album entitled Stuff. Read on to see what Christmas is all about for Gill.

Jack Spilberg: What’s better, naughty or nice?

Zach Gill: Naughty is usually very attractive at first, but I’ve found that nice works a lot better in the long run.

JS: Which do you prefer, real or fake Christmas trees?

ZG: I like living Christmas trees the most. We have had the same tree for the last few years- she lives outside for most of the year. It is always exciting when we bring her inside for the holidays and decorate her up. She is tiny compared to standard Christmas trees though. If she ever grows too big to come inside we will plant her permanently outside.

JS: What was the best Christmas gift you ever received?

ZG: My parents got me a puppy (a beagle named Frisky) and tickets to see Huey Lewis and the News when I was nine years old. That was a good year.

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