Scissors for Lefty : Underhanded Romance

The staccato sound of struck typewriter keys on opening track “Nickels and Dimes” sets a tone of nostalgia for San Francisco’s Scissors for Lefty. the latest in a line of West Coast bands with a penchant for Pulp.  Under the guidance of Jarvis Cocker, “Wandering Arms” might make a connection with the listener, but as it stands, the song sounds too deliberate with the breathy bridge too mannered and studied at the altar of godlike Sheffield mood pop.  Or, as Kanye West would say, “when you try hard, that’s when you die hard” and  Scissors for Lefty are trying too hard.  “Save It Cory” starts out like some overwrought Brandon Flowers mission statement.  Sometimes the approach works.  Charming kazooey pogo spazz anthem “Lay Down Your Weapons” will hold significant appeal for the Hot Hot Heat set. 

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