Film Reviews

‘The Bad Batch’ Takes A Saturated Look At Our Modern American Dystopia

The Bad Batch is the kind of film where the less is said about it, the better. Not just for the lack of spoilers, but to give each viewer the chance to absorb the story ...

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‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ And The Futility Of Cinema (And Criticism)

There’s a certain futility you feel when going in to watch, then review, a movie like Transformers: The Last Knight. The series is critically lauded, but makes billions of dollars at the box office, both ...

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Laughs are Few in ‘Rough Night’ (FILM REVIEW)

Despite a mountain of potential, Rough Night can't ever seem to get off of the ground.

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The Surface Level Entertainment of ’47 Meters Down’ (FILM REVIEW)

It certainly has sharks.

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‘The Book of Henry’ is Bafflingly Awful (FILM REVIEW)

The worst movie of 2017? Probably.

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‘It Comes At Night’ And The Mastery Of Unseen Horror

Trey Edward Shults delivers of masterwork of tense horror in his second film.

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‘The Mummy’ Unravels Universal’s Dark Universe (FILM REVIEW)

If The Mummy is any indication, the Dark Universe is going to be scary bad.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Is A Refreshing, Optimistic View From The DC Cinematic Universe (FILM REVIEW)

Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot have knocked it out of the park.

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‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’ An Unnecessary But Fun ‘Pirates’ Sequel (FILM REVIEW)

Some of the luster has faded but Pirates still manages to find some fun.

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‘Baywatch’ Finds the Fun in Asininity (FILM REVIEW)

It's dumb as hell, but if you don't care then neither do they.

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