Film Reviews

The Undeniable Charm Of ‘How To Be A Latin Lover’ (FILM REVIEW)

Eugenio Derbez charms in this crossover comedy.

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‘Unforgettable’ is the Least Apt Title Ever (FILM REVIEW)

Please, god, let us forget this waste of film.

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‘Their Finest’ A Loving Ode to Film and Britain (FILM REVIEW)

Director Lone Scherfig helms a hilarious and moving love letter to the power of the cinematic form.

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The Lost City of Zzzzzzz (FILM REVIEW)

The only thing The Lost City of Z truly inspires is an early bedtime.

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The Brash and the Spurious: ‘Fate’ Takes the ‘Furious’ Franchise to New Lows (FILM REVIEW)

As ever, you know what you're getting with a The Fast and the Furious movie. Take it or leave it.

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Without Sucking, ‘The Transfiguration’ Brings Little New Life to Vampires (FILM REVIEW)

It might add an interesting angle to vampire lore, but it never quite reaches the height of its potential.

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‘Gifted’ is Remedial (FILM REVIEW)

Gifted will pull your heartstrings, but never earns the right.

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‘The Discovery’ an Intriguing Meditation on Life and Death (FILM REVIEW)

Taut and compelling, Netflix's latest original film is a slow burning mediation on humanity and death.

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The Painful Pointlessness of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ (FILM REVIEW)

Stay home and watch the anime instead.

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‘Five Came Back’ Presents a Fascinating Look at Film History (FILM REVIEW)

Netflix unveils a fascinating look at filmmaking in this stunning documentary series.

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