Film Reviews

‘A Simple Favor’ is a Shocking Delight (FILM REVIEW)

Paul Feig weaves a deliciously captivating spell in this twist on the thriller genre.

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You’ve Never Seen Anything Like ‘Mandy’ (FILM REVIEW)

Nothing can prepare you for this bizarre cinematic experience.

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‘The Predator’ Crashes and Burns (FILM REVIEW)

This is one terrible motherfu...never mind.

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Glenn Close Stuns in Powerful ‘The Wife’ (FILM REVIEW)

Glenn Close delivers the best performance of her career.

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‘Blaze’ Takes Biopics to Awesome New Heights (FILM REVIEW)

Ethan Hawke has crafted the best biopic in years.

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‘Cielo’ Offers A Stunning Vision of the Night Sky (FILM REVIEW)

It’s strange to think how easy it is to take for granted something as omnipresent as the sky. In today’s world of selfies and screenshots, where productivity and output is job number one, where keeping ...

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‘The Happytime Murders’ a Good Idea Gone Meh (FILM REVIEW)

A solid premise is nearly wasted by a flat script.

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‘Puzzle’ Puts Together A Quiet Work of Emotional Mastery (FILM REVIEW)

An unassuming romance about falling for yourself.

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‘Mile 22’ Loses Itself Along the Way (FILM REVIEW)

Director Peter Berg gets in his own way for all 22 of these miles.

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‘Affairs Of State’ Is Less Than The Sum Of Its Ambitions (FILM REVIEW)

It's basically a 'House of Cards' version of 'The Secret Of My Success'

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