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Director Raoul Peck Hits the Marx (FILM REVIEW)

The early, revolutionary days of Karl Marx are explored in a fascinating new film.

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‘Half Magic’ Sets Great Intentions Even if They Ultimately Fail (FILM REVIEW)

Heather Graham's directorial debut is far from the movie it could have been.

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‘Annihilation’ Is An Ambitious Film That Collapses Under Its Own Self-Importance (FILM REVIEW)

Director Alex Garland produces another ambitious sci-fi epic that fails to live up to its own potential.

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‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’ Shines in Performances, But Not Much Else (FILM REVIEW)

All the charisma in the world isn't quite enough to make this memorable.

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Hail to the King: ‘Black Panther’ Takes the Throne (FILM REVIEW)

Both superheroes and Marvel are pushed far in the latest MCU epic.

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‘This Close’ Portrays The Universal Truths About Friendship, For Better And For Worse (TV REVIEW)

Sundance Now presents a bold and original new series with nuanced portrayals of the deaf community.

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‘Fifty Shades Freed’ Offers Less Bang for Your Buck (FILM REVIEW)

It's over. It's finally over.

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‘Entanglement’ Manages To Defy Expectations By Playing Right Into Them (FILM REVIEW)

Entanglement may seem all too familiar, but that doesn't mean it's any less charming.

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Film Bits: ‘Venom’ Releases First Trailer

Plus, Jessica Jones season 2 and more.

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The ATX TV Fest Announces Its First Round Of Programming For Season 7

One of the television industry's hottest festivals makes some bold announcements for its seventh year.

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