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‘Baywatch’ Finds the Fun in Asininity (FILM REVIEW)

It's dumb as hell, but if you don't care then neither do they.

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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Explores the Resistance (TV REVIEW)

Luke's fate is revealed as we take a look at the freedom fighters resisting Gilead.

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Film Bits: Sir Roger Moore Dies at 89

Plus, tragic news from director Zack Snyder.

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‘Better Call Saul’ Drifts Towards Finale as Jimmy Learns It’s Not All Good, Man (TV REVIEW)

The specter of tragedy builds as season three barrels toward its conclusion.

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Gavin’s Exit Portends New Troubles on ‘Silicon Valley’ (TV REVIEW)

HBO's hit sitcom has reached a midseason lull, which usually means epic hilarity just around the bend.

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‘American Gods’ Adds Layers Of Depth To The Character Of Laura Moon (TV REVIEW)

Laura Moon is explored in depth on the latest episode of American Gods.

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Film Bits: ‘Uncharted’ Makes Big Announcement

Plus, Guardians of the Galaxy is dethroned at the box office.

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‘Everything, Everything’ Falls Apart (FILM REVIEW)

Its director and stars can't save a mediocre script, but they give it their best try.

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Ridley Scott Evolves ‘Alien’ with ‘Covenant’ (FILM REVIEW)

Covenant still isn't the Alien movie fans want, and it's better for it.

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Amber Tamblyn’s ‘Paint It Black’ Is A Saturated, Grief-Stricken Fever Dream (FILM REVIEW)

Tamblyn makes the jump to director in a stunning, fascinating way.

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