SONG PREMIERE: Ian Fisher Offers Unique Take On Soul Music With “Idle Hands”

Raised in rural Missouri and living in Europe for the last 10 years, singer-songwriter Ian Fisher has written over a thousand songs and played almost as many concerts. This self-taught indie musician was schooled by ...

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FULL LP Premiere: Charlie Smyth Dives Valiantly Into Classic Melodic Americana With ‘The Way I Feel’ LP

A veteran of the ’90s Chicago & Seattle punk scenes, Charlie Smyth’s sound has evolved over time, meandering like a tattered feather on the Southern breeze and settling somewhere beneath the ever-widening shadow of modern ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Kevin Harrison & True North Release Hard Rocking “Brother” First Track Off Simone Felice Produced EP

Kevin Harrison & True North was founded to bring a once familiar style of music back to the forefront of New York City’s legendary scene – rock & roll. Their 2015 debut, self-titled Kevin Harrison & ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Couch Jackets Stir Up The Beats & Measures On Candid ‘Don’t Think Just Breathe’

Couch Jackets sounds like an alligator’s eating us,” reads the explanatory note on the Little Rock, Arkansas quartet’s Bandcamp page. Fans of the band have become accustomed to this sort of irreverence – these are ...

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SONG PREMIERE: the black watch Invokes Brooding Pop Sound With ​”Legerdemain”

Having written and released fifteen albums of sparkling, literate, jangly-distorted indie rock since his band the black watch’s inception in 1987 (as well as four works of comedic literary fiction and one book on the ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Folk Singer Joe Kaplow Searches For Sense of Home With “I Said I Was Going And I Went”

joe kaplow

Some songs begin with the simplest, most fleeting of sentiments. In this case, Joe Kaplow realized how much he missed the sensation of using a knob to open a door. The new single from the Santa ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Heart Hunters Ring Melodic Reflection With “A Thousand Lifetimes”

Heart Hunters’ Drew de Man founded his first band, No River City, in 2001 and spent the next several years making records, touring the country and sharing bills with artists such as Iron & Wine, Calexico ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Mary-Elaine Jenkins Captures Vocal Splendor Via “The Americans”

Mary-Elaine Jenkins is a 13th-generation South Carolinian; a member of a large, old, Southern family that could probably be considered a matriarchy. A product of her upbringing by a strong single mother amidst the canopy of ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Deep Gold Conjures Gravelly, Gothic Americana Sound With “The Hellhounds”

Deep Gold’s is an instantly identifiable voice. The Maine-based singer-songwriter is a dark and sultry crooner, quietly grinding the vocal gears a la Leonard Cohen on “Everybody Knows” or Bob Dylan circa Time Out of ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: George Hadfield Takes Listeners On Synth Voyage Via “Treadmill”

Minneapolis based songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist George Hadfield released his new album Brenda on June 8th: a futuristic throwback of mid-tempo meditations. Taking Hadfield’s groove-based synth-pop sound into funkier landscapes, the songs explore love, addiction, ...

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