FULL ALBUM PREMIERE: The Artisanals Drop Versatile 70’s Jackson Browne, Neil Young Influenced Self Titled LP

Somewhere on a dusty road or a well-traveled interstate, right at this very moment, a rock n’ roll band is pounding the rock. They’re probably wearing the same clothes they had on yesterday, and reminiscing ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Colin Devlin Makes Big Lasting Melodic Impression On Reflective “This Is Where We Are”

At a time when both politics and the planet seem to be spinning out of control, Colin Devlin’s new album High Point takes the sonic high ground. The world has shifted since this Irish singer ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Vanessa Peters Offers Dreamy Indie Pop Reflection With “This Riddle”

There is a level of songwriting depth and maturity that one acquires the old-fashioned way: spending two decades on the road, playing thousands of shows all over the USA and Europe, sleeping on couches and ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Cashavelly Morrison Offers Dark Comment on American Privilege With “Hunger”

Cashavelly Morrison has experienced a lot since the release of her first highly-acclaimed alt-country album, The Kingdom Belongs to a Child, back in 2015. On a personal note, she gave birth to her daughter. On ...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Jared & The Mill Tear It Up Via Two Guitar Solo Blazing Version Of”Feels Like” (Live at Crescent Ballroom)

Over the course of the past seven years, Phoenix’s Jared & The Mill has garnered a devoted following, earning them accolades as perhaps the best original band from The Valley of the Sun. The band consists ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Mungion Wins Ears With Bustling & Boisterous “Makanda” Off Upcoming New LP ‘Ferris Wheel’s Day Off”

Earlier this summer, Mungion debuted their first proper live release, with Live Fun Vol. 1, but all the while, they’ve been hard at work in the studio recording their second proper album. “We have spent the last ~15 ...

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ALBUM PREMIERE: Van Goat Throw Swing, Punk, Ska, and Rock and Roll Into the Pot on Raucous Debut ‘Follow Me Under’

Punk. Swing. Ragtime. Southern jazz. Surf. Van Goat is a band to which you could apply many labels, but none would quite prepare you for what you’re about to hear as you pop on your ...

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FULL ALBUM PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Erik Deutsch Earns Radiant Bandleader/Composer Nods For Diverse ‘Falling Flowers’

Keyboardist Erik Deutsch makes American music, pure and simple. Over the last two decades plus, he’s earned a stellar reputation as a bandleader and collaborator, working with artists like Steven Bernstein, Theo Bleckmann, Rosanne Cash, ...

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SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: Future Alt Radio Fixtures East of Eli Surprise Ears With Pop Minded “The Get Down”

Rising indie pop act East of Eli will be stinging back with a soon to be announced EP that will very well make the heavily Spotify listened band a fixture on alt radio. Fronted by ...

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SONG PREMIERE: The Herbert Bail Orchestra Go Full Troubadour With Country-Tinged Ballad “Cherokee”

Five years can be an eternity in the music business. Yet, for The Herbert Bail Orchestra’s Anthony Frattolillo, whose songs often confront the illusory nature of time, a rushed follow-up to his collective’s acclaimed 2013 ...

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