Guitarist Chris Spedding Talks Bryan Ferry Tour & Six Decades Of Rockin’ (INTERVIEW)

Just three shows into Bryan Ferry’s new tour, the atmosphere backstage was quite giddy in New Orleans. There was singing in the halls, laughter, the vibe of excitement that always comes with the early days ...

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Shoot Your Heroes: Cinematographer John Mathieson Discusses ‘Logan,’ ‘King Arthur,’ and the Art of the Shot (INTERVIEW)

Two-time Academy Award nominee John Mathieson talks Logan and the ever evolving nature of cinematography.

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Temples: Glam Priests of Psych Rock Talk New LP ‘Volcano’ (INTERVIEW)

English psych-rock wizards Temples’ second album Volcano (released 3/3) is a bewilderingly explorative sonic trip with sprinkles of the charmingly baroque textures of Sun Structures, yet showcases evident musical evolution. A deeper experimentation into incongruous ...

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SXSW Red Carpet: Nick Offerman, Stephen Root, and director Bob Byington Talk ‘Infinity Baby’

The cast and crew lined the red carpet for the world premiere of Infinity Baby at SXSW.

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Ryan Montbleau Opens Up About Vivacious New LP ‘I Was Just Leaving’

In his hallmark whole-hearted style, Ryan Montbleau penned the below excerpt of a letter last month to fans pre-ordering his latest album I Was Just Leaving. “After 15 years of going crazy to build a ...

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Brian Ray, Lead Guitarist of Paul McCartney’s Band, Has His Own Story To Tell (INTERVIEW)

In a world where the term pop music leaves a bad taste in your mouth, if you look back at the early sixties, the Beatles was considered pop music and it was a good thing. ...

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SXSW Red Carpet: Ridley Scott and Danny McBride Discuss ‘Alien: Covenant’

Famed director Ridley Scott and actor Danny McBride discuss the Alien prequel from the SXSW red carpet in Austin, Texas.

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Michael Schenker Keeps Guitar Legacy Alive & Well (INTERVIEW)

His name is synonymous with guitar-driven rock & roll. Since his earliest days as a teenager in the Scorpions, through his years in UFO and variations of his solo band, Michael Schenker has kept his ...

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Joe Sumner Lays Low From Fiction Plane To Confident Singer-Songwriter Mode (INTERVIEW)

Singer Joe Sumner is a man in the middle of a musical transition. The former angry young rocker, who led Fiction Plane through four albums starting in 2003 with the release of Everything Will Never ...

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Kevin Russell (Ex Gourds) Talks New Shinyribs Album, Tacos, Old Austin and more (INTERVIEW)

Kevin Russell never slows down. Since calling it quits with his beloved band The Gourds in 2013, the Austin musician has been devoting nearly every waking hour to his band Shinyribs. Russell formed the group ...

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