‘Better Call Saul’ Methodically Ramps Up Intensity (TV REVIEW)

The slow evolution of Saul Goodman continues to unfold as season three progresses.

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Miracle Legion Bring (Farewell?) Tour To NYC (SHOW REVIEW)

By the end of the eighties, New Haven, Connecticut’s Miracle Legion had assembled a cult-like fan base with the rise of independent college radio stations and alternative rock bands like The Replacements and Sonic Youth. ...

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Ray Davies Lines Up Another Classic With ‘Americana’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Needless to say, Ray Davies needs no introduction. As the singer, songwriter, and erstwhile leader of the Kinks, one of the most remarkable bands to ever emerge out of England, he possesses a musical catalog ...

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‘Silicon Valley’ Reinvents Itself in Season Four Premiere (TV REVIEW)

The Pied Piper boys pivot as HBO's hit comedy enters a new era of change and development.

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The Harmed Brothers Evolve With Bigger Indie Rock Sound On Self-Titled LP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Portland, Oregon band The Harmed Brothers have come a long way since releasing their debut album All The Lies You Wanna HearĀ in 2009. With their earlier efforts, the band favored a rootsier, gritty folk-rock sound. ...

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‘Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third….And More’ Captures LP’s True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third....And More' Captures LP's True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

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‘Unforgettable’ is the Least Apt Title Ever (FILM REVIEW)

Please, god, let us forget this waste of film.

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‘Their Finest’ A Loving Ode to Film and Britain (FILM REVIEW)

Director Lone Scherfig helms a hilarious and moving love letter to the power of the cinematic form.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Pivots Its Focus For Season Four, And It Pays Off Big Time

The fourth season of HBO's hit sitcom promises new directions and bold decisions.

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The Lost City of Zzzzzzz (FILM REVIEW)

The only thing The Lost City of Z truly inspires is an early bedtime.

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