‘Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third….And More’ Captures LP’s True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third....And More' Captures LP's True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

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‘Unforgettable’ is the Least Apt Title Ever (FILM REVIEW)

Please, god, let us forget this waste of film.

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‘Their Finest’ A Loving Ode to Film and Britain (FILM REVIEW)

Director Lone Scherfig helms a hilarious and moving love letter to the power of the cinematic form.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Pivots Its Focus For Season Four, And It Pays Off Big Time

The fourth season of HBO's hit sitcom promises new directions and bold decisions.

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The Lost City of Zzzzzzz (FILM REVIEW)

The only thing The Lost City of Z truly inspires is an early bedtime.

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The Black Angels Come To Life With ‘Death Song’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s been four years since The Black Angels released their last full length, 2013’s Indigo Meadow.  Paying further homage to their namesake, the band’s latest album Death Song is a solid reminder of the influence ...

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Jason Eady Establishes Credence With Self Titled LP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jason Eady is one of those middle-aged musicians who already has an old soul. Or at least that’s the impression he conveys on this self-titled sixth album. He’s been around for awhile, a fact reflected ...

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Preservation Hall Jazz Band Embrace Traditional and Modern New Orleans Sounds in Portland (SHOW REVIEW)

Few modern acts have managed to do such an effective job at bringing the musical heritage of New Orleans to the world as the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. This much was evident from the sold ...

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String Cheese Incident Try Reaching For Elusive Magic Studio LP On ‘Believe’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

String Cheese Incident Try Reaching For Elusive Magic Studio LP On 'Believe' (ALBUM REVIEW)

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BoDeans Succeed On Own Terms With ‘Thirteen’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The release of BoDeans’ Thirteen is coincidental with a resurgence of interest in the group, and its seminal American style, based on an association with the Netflix’ The Ranch. Yet this record succeeds on its ...

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