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Twiddle Releases Second Half of ‘PLUMP’ Courtesy or Guests, Strings, Horns and Outside Producer (ALBUM REVIEW)

The four-piece jam band from Vermont known as Twiddle has now released the second half to their long-winded double album experiment, PLUMP.  Spanning the course of two years and multiple recording sessions with a huge number ...

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BNQT (Lytle, Bridwellm Kapranos, Healy, Pulido) Create Huge Unified Sound On ‘Volume 1’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

In most cases, so-called “supergroups” are best described as the sum of their parts. It’s fortuitous then to find a band such as BNQT creating a unified sound that doesn’t betray any singular influence of ...

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Mark Lanegan Goes Bleak, Hazy & Unsettling Again With ‘Gargoyle’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

For his tenth solo album Gargoyle, Mark Lanegan builds upon the sonic territory of his last release, 2014’s Phantom Radio, with a collection of gothic pop rock peppered with healthy doses of European electronica. There ...

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Thurston Moore Builds Upon Sonic Youth’s Strongest Passages On ‘Rock N Roll Consciousness’

In an interview with Salon a few years ago, Thurston Moore stated: “What I do as a songwriter, sitting alone with my guitar writing a song, it’s going to come out a certain way and ...

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Trombone Shorty Hits The Right Notes On Blue Note Debut ‘Parking Lot Symphony’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fourth studio album from wonder trombone/trumpet player Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty is also his first for the iconic Blue Note label. Rather than go the classic jazz route on Parking Lot Symphony Andrews ...

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Ray Davies Lines Up Another Classic With ‘Americana’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Needless to say, Ray Davies needs no introduction. As the singer, songwriter, and erstwhile leader of the Kinks, one of the most remarkable bands to ever emerge out of England, he possesses a musical catalog ...

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The Harmed Brothers Evolve With Bigger Indie Rock Sound On Self-Titled LP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Portland, Oregon band The Harmed Brothers have come a long way since releasing their debut album All The Lies You Wanna Hear in 2009. With their earlier efforts, the band favored a rootsier, gritty folk-rock sound. ...

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‘Thank You, Friends: Big Star’s Third….And More’ Captures LP’s True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

'Thank You, Friends: Big Star's Third....And More' Captures LP's True Essence (ALBUM REVIEW)

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The Black Angels Come To Life With ‘Death Song’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

It’s been four years since The Black Angels released their last full length, 2013’s Indigo Meadow.  Paying further homage to their namesake, the band’s latest album Death Song is a solid reminder of the influence ...

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Jason Eady Establishes Credence With Self Titled LP (ALBUM REVIEW)

Jason Eady is one of those middle-aged musicians who already has an old soul. Or at least that’s the impression he conveys on this self-titled sixth album. He’s been around for awhile, a fact reflected ...

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