Concert Reviews

Solid Sound Wraps in Relaxing Fashion With Wilco Side Projects (FESTIVAL RECAP)

The mood always changes on the final day of any festival. There’s a vague hint of sadness in the air, as a weekend of bliss comes to a close. We’ve all put our lives on ...

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Wilco Revisits Several Other Records At Solid Sound Day 2 (FESTIVAL RECAP)

When the weather’s on your side for a festival, there’s nothing quite like it. And on day two of Solid Sound, the sunshine felt damn good after damp and overcast Friday. Spontaneity was in the ...

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Wilco Perform ‘Being There’ & ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ In Entirety at Solid Sound (FESTIVAL RECAP)

Now five Solid Sound festivals in, the team of Wilco and Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass MoCA) have settled into a groove. They’ve had two years since the last one to dream up improvements ...

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Oregon’s 4 Peaks Festival Balances Gorgeous Scenery Laid Back Jams (FESTIVAL REVIEW/PHOTOS)

The DM Stevenson Ranch just outside of Bend, Oregon came alive over the past weekend as more than two thousand people gathered to help the 4 Peaks Music Festival celebrate its tenth year. The music ...

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Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival Festival Brings Music and Activism Together in Intimate Friendly Setting (FESTIVAL REVIEW/PHOTOS)

So stop me if you’ve heard this one: How many Westchester hippies does it take to put on a music festival?…. All of them! The 2017 Clearwater Music Festival – The Great Hudson River Revival ...

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Quinn Sullivan Puts the Pedal Down & More at Baton Rouge’s Manship Theatre (SHOW REVIEW)

Lita Ford once told me that guitarists who spent their whole show looking down at their fretboards to see where to put their fingers drove her nuts. That is something you will NOT see at ...

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Portugal the Man and Local Natives Team Up For Powerful Red Rocks Performances (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

It is said that to truly appreciate form you need contrast. Light needs darkness, heat needs the cold, etc, etc, and without both sides of the equation there is no true understanding of either side. ...

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Michael Franti and Spearhead Keep Em Hopeful In These Times of Trouble (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

After negotiating the steamy summer streets of Times Square, thronged with tourists and animated characters, it was a relief to arrive in the cool cavern of the PlayStation Theater June 10th and the pulsating musical ...

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Teddy Midnight, Spiritual Rez, Turkuaz, The Other Brothers Rule Disc Jam 2017 (FESTIVAL RECAP)

Yet again Disc Jam delivered the goods. With a deep lineup of over 50 plus diverse acts playing over four days on four stages, the 7th annual Disc Jam Music Festival was a highlight all ...

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Kimock Wraps Up Early Summer Tour at Higher Ground (SHOW REVIEW)

Kimock’s appearance at Higher Ground on June 11th, the final date of the quartet’s early summer tour, unfolded slowly and surely, much like the bandleader/guitarist’s solos. Upon  the doors opening, unobtrusive but nonetheless evocative instrumental ...

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