Suds & Sounds: The Lost Abbey Worships at the Altar of Barrel-Aged Brews

In Suds & Sounds we turn the spotlight on breweries, focusing on the role of music in that brewery’s history, packaging, tastes, and in its city or town as a whole. The idea is to get beer and ...

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Blackberry Smoke’s Brandon Still Talks Shop, Gregg Allman & Upcoming LA Show (INTERVIEW)

Blackberry Smoke has worked very hard to be here. From a bunch of guys doing ordinary jobs like working on cars and being plumbers, they are now true blue rock stars, with a penchant for ...

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Ford: Celebrating Harrison Ford’s Five Best Roles on His 75th Birthday

Three quarters of a century of absolute badassery.

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10 Must-See Acts at Northwest String Summit 2017 (FESTIVAL PREVIEW)

Bluegrass festivals and summertime go together like coffee and pie. There’s just something magical about setting up camp, cracking a cold one, and watching acoustically picked instruments in the sunshine or under the stars. One ...

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Richard Young of The Kentucky Headhunters Tells All (INTERVIEW)

When The Kentucky Headhunters took off in 1989 following the release of their debut album, Pickin’ On Nashville, you knew they were the real deal. Their southern rock/blues/country sound appealed to a wide range of ...

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ZZ Ward Steps It Up A Notch With ‘The Storm’ (INTERVIEW)

ZZ Ward, the singer-songwriter with a blues edge and a rock & roll kick, is back with a vengeance on her new album, The Storm, out this past Friday, June 30. With lyrical bite marks ...

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Pearls Before Swine, Tom Rapp & The First Dawning of American Psych Folk: Revisiting’City of Gold’ & ‘Beautiful Lies You Could Live In’

Pearls Before Swine are placed in the liner notes somewhere between the Incredible String Band, Mimi & Richard Farina, Tim Buckley…and Love. Some have likened one of these albums to alt-country but that’s only a ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Matt Siffert Gets Darkly Poetic and Builds Ethereal Soundscapes on “January 25”

Matt Siffert was raised in New York City by a psychologist mother, and as a result he spent much of his teenage years devouring books about the subject. But around the same time this was going ...

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Take Five – Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures, Akua Dixon, Amp Trio (Jazz LP Reviews)

Take Five is a seasonal jazz column by Glide contributor Doug Collette, who will be taking snap-shot reviews of recent jazz albums… Sun Ra & His Arkestra/At Inter-Media Arts April 1991: Anyone who presumes the ...

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Macca at 75- Paul McCartney’s 10 Most Left of Center Songs (LIST)

It goes without saying that Paul McCartney is one of — if not the — greatest songwriter of our time. That’s not to negate the efforts of those that clearly come close — Bob Dylan, ...

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