50 Years Later: Revisiting Little Feat’s Defining Studio Album ‘Dixie Chicken’

After two excellent albums as a quartet, duly applauded by critics but overlooked by the masses (despite yeoman’s work on the promotional parts of their Warner Brothers record label), Little Feat reinvented itself as a sextet for Dixie Chicken. It is in this configuration that the group gained the fame it holds today (albeit in one of many subsequently revamped lineups). 

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Revisiting The Latest Batch of Grateful Dead Archival Releases (ALBUM REVIEWS)

As illustrated by David Lemieux and his crack team of Grateful Dead archivists, there’s a big difference between ‘predictable’ and ‘consistent.’ Continuing from late 2021 into and throughout this year, their ongoing efforts to provide provocative exhumations from the vault of the iconic band span decades of performances by the various personnel lineups of the Dead

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David Crosby 1941-2023: A Deeper Look At The Counter Culture Legend’s Vast Career

The Byrds’ lush vocal harmonies, arguably as significant to their sound as the chiming twelve-string guitar, are distinguished in large measure by Crosby’s high harmonies. Hear his voice keen through “5D,” and while doing so, note that his rhythm guitar is a driving force of the performance: the man was as formidable in that instrumental role as his peers of the era John Lennon or Steve Miller.

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