Slayer: Christ Illusion


Sadly, Slayer will never get the recognition that they deserve. As has been the story with metal in general, acknowledgement of the influence that Slayer has had on music for the last 25 years is few and far between. Unless, of course, you’re a die-hard like myself. And to the satisfaction of the faithful, what has been proven time and time again is that the world needs Slayer. Since their early inception, they have been more reliable than the other bands of their ilk. Their music is the punishing memorandum that reminds us that fear is the greatest weapon on earth.

Slayer albums scare people, and rightfully so. Narrating horrific accounts from the perspective of the inflictor has been the modus operandi of Slayer since day one. But on the outskirts of their alarming imagery is a possibility that is even more discomforting, that the thrash of Slayer can be used as a mirror, one that we resent having to peer into. With Christ Illusion, the band’s first studio release since 2001 and first since the return of drummer Dave Lombardo, Slayer achieves tenfold what other metal and punk bands fail miserably at. By crafting tales of real pain at a breakneck speed, Christ Illusion is a textbook study in violent physicality.

From a lyrical standpoint, Slayer may not have ever been this direct. Vocalist/bassist Tom Araya screams about the disenchanted and the effected with every fiber of his being. On "Eyes Of The Insane,” he recounts the horrors of post-war syndrome by creating images of devastating insanity as Death’s riding, only to juxtapose the perspective on "Jihad." "Fuck your God, erase his name" Araya screams and the imagery is so brazen that it exemplifies everything relating to Slayer’s quarter of a century-long clash with society.

It is a fight to the death for Slayer. By playing the role of relentless aggressor, Slayer has preserved their existence as the town crier in the city of the damned. This newly-released, limited edition version of Christ Illusion features the new song, "Final Six.” It also features a DVD with nearly 15 minutes of special live footage and the "Eyes of the Insane" video.

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