Bloggy Goodness: Huey Lewis Goes Psycho

Clearly we weren’t the only ones that had American Psycho in mind when it came to the announcement that Huey Lewis & The News would be celebrating the 30th anniversary of their breakthrough album Sports with a special expanded re-release and summer tour that will see the Bay Area-based band play it in its entirety each night.

Yesterday the folks over at Funny Or Die decided to reinterpret that pivotal scene by recasting it with Huey himself and Weird Al Yanokvic – whose 1983 album Dare to Be Stupid featured I Want A New Duck, a parody of Lewis’ I Want A New Drug. Check it out…

Finally, last summer guitarist Neal Casal ingrained himself into the Grateful Dead family when he took part in Move Me Brightly – the 70th birthday celebration of the musical legacy of Jerry Garcia. Casal, who has also been apart of Phil Lesh’s rotating bands at Terrapin Crossroads, will pay homage to the Dead later this month, as he will release a limited edition 7-inch single for Record Store Day of his take on the Dead’s psychedelic acoustic ballad Mountain Of The Moon. Take a listen…

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