Hungry Like the Wolf Blitzer: Man Man Talk Inspiration on ‘Anderson Cooper 360’

Man Man


Last night, Anderson Cooper devoted a “RidicuList” segment on his CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360, to the band Man Man and their funky new track “End Boss,” which features hilarious lyrics about a wolf eating a baby and then sneaking off for vodka. Turns out Cooper interviewed frontman Ryan “Honus Honus” Kattner, who claims the “wolf” character was actually inspired by none other than Wolf Blitzer.

“I thought it’d be more interesting to re-imagine the wolf being Wolf Blitzer, sneaking into houses and devouring children,” Kattner said. “Just picturing Wolf’s calm face, kind eyes, smiling gray beard shooting pool in a Barrio bar with a baby dancing in his belly while dreaming of a young Glenn Danzig and drinking lemon-flavored vodka still gets to me.”

Let’s all take a moment of silence and allow that amazing quote to sink in.

Cooper also showed impressive knowledge of Glenn Danzig’s musical past, while noting that he’d love to steal Kattner’s Blitzer-emblazoned tunic.

Check out the whole segment below:

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