Eight Disc – Phish At The Roxy Set For Nov. 18th

Fifteen years ago, when Phish completed their three-night stand at the Roxy in Atlanta the shows were instantly thrust into the limelight as among the greatest evs. Apparently the band agrees with the fans as JEMP Records will release the eight-disc Phish at the Roxy on November 18.

On March 28, 1992, Phish was in the middle of a scorching gig at the Variety Theatre when the venue flooded leading the band to perform the second set a capella. Some say the epicness of the Roxy run was payback to the band’s loyal fans in Atlanta. While most of the soundboard recordings of these shows already circulate, we look forward to seeing what Phish remaster guru Fred Kevorkian does with the original tapes. As always, we’ll have way too many posts on this over the next few months.

The full description from the Alternative Distribution Site

This CD of recordings from Phish’s three-show run at Atlanta’s Roxy Theater in 1993 is the first complete multiple-show release since “Hampton Comes Alive” and the magical “Island Tour” of 1998. An almost 8 ½ hour excursion. The only thing better than one night of Phish at their peak is three shows in a row and, as three-night stands go, this collection simply must be heard.

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