Mac DeMarco – Cozmic Pizza, Eugene, OR 4/21/15 (SHOW REVIEW)

Mac DeMarco’s Tuesday night show at Cozmic Pizza in Eugene was sandwiched between sold out shows at The Independent in San Francisco and The Crystal Ballroom in Portland. The chance to see Mac in such an intimate venue did not go unnoticed, selling out by the time most had even heard the announcement, much to their dismay.

DeMarco came on around 10:30 and opened with the title track from his most recent album, “Salad Days,” enticing the crowd with funky grooves and a playful stage presence. Several times Mac would converse with people in front of the stage, once asking where the parties were at tonight, which became a short lived jam with screams of “15th and Mill…15th and Mill!” Shortly after being told of another party Mac screamed back, “Fuck your frat party!” to the delight of the crowd. The first half of the set included “Blue Boy,” “Let Her Go,” “I’m a Man,” and a cover of Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ in the Years.” The crowd was responsive to the high energy show and early in the first set the 21+ side of the dance floor began to happily slam dance. The band certainly noticed the difference in the two sides of the dance floor and jokingly asked those on the bar side to “Calm the fuck down!”, which, aside from several smiles and laughs, was ignored entirely. The band began playing the opening chords to “Rock and Roll Night Club” when one of Mac’s strings broke, to shouts of distress. Mac ensured the crowd that “it’s all good” because they will play something special while he steps backstage. The band surprised the crowd with a cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” while bass player Pierce McGarry climbed to the top of the speakers to sing. Shortly after coming back, Mac shocked everyone by jumping off the stage to surf the crowd. The second half of the set saw a cover of Bob Marley’s “Jamming,” as well as the originals “Baby’s Wearin’ Blue Jeans,” and “Still Together.”

Seeing Mac DeMarco in a small pizza joint felt like taking a step back in time before the band began selling out major theaters home and abroad. They left Eugene with praise from those lucky enough to see the show and will likely find a full house whenever they return, regardless of venue.



  1. Salad Days

  2. The Stars Keep On Calling My Name

  3. Blue Boy

  4. Cooking Up Something Good

  5. Let Her Go

  6. Ode to Viceroy

  7. Reelin’ in the Years (Steely Dan cover)

  8. I’m a Man

  9. Annie

  10. Baby’s Wearin’ Blue Jeans

  11. Yellow (Coldplay cover)

  12. Rock and Roll Night Club

  13. Jamming (Bob Marley & The Wailers cover)

  14. Freaking Out the Neighborhood

  15. Chamber of Reflection

  16. Still Together

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