Kaiser Chiefs: Off With Their Heads


What did you learn today?" asks Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky Wilson. His answer: "I learnt nothing." How about letting us be the judge of that. "Never Miss A Beat", the lead single from whence those lyrics came, actually does tell the audience pretty much all it needs to know about the British band’s third album – Off With Their Heads.  And that revelation is as follows: the majority of these 11 tracks will harmlessly bounce their way through your body before residing in the back of the brain, subconsciously making you yearn for the return of Blur later this year.

In all honesty, that’s slightly on the harsh side. Off With Their Heads is a marked improvement upon previous release "Yours Truly, Angry Mob" (if not reaching the heights of debut "Employment") as Wilson and his merry mob deftly weave between their requisite terrace anthems ("Can’t Say What I Mean", "Good Days Bad Days", "Always Happens Like That"), and the ever so slightly knowing "we’re trying not to try to be different here" on "Tomato In The Rain" and "You Want History". To keep events lively, listen out for the achingly hip use of guest vocalists Lilly Allen and rapper Sway.

Naturally, the entire enterprise is co-helmed by the producer du jour, Mark Ronson.  And credit should be duly given if he’s responsible for achieving the level of performance out of drummer Nick Hodgson, who gently sings the standout track "Remember You’re A Girl". The fact that there’s no hint of the final tune turning out this way, considering what’s gone before, not only bodes well for the group’s future but also goes to show that the listener did learn something: you can teach the Kaiser Chiefs new tricks.

Spanish Metal – Kaiser Chiefs

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