Monday’s Hors d’Oeuvres (now with setlists!)

!!! (via torrent)

2007.04.20 – Oslo, Norway – Fabrikken

Set I: Myth Takes, All Of My Heroes Are Weirdos, Pardon My Freedom, Dear Can, Heart Of Hearts, A New Name, Bend Over Beethoven, Must Be The Moon, Hello, Is This Thing On?, (Don’t Stop) ???, Intensify

The Disco Biscuits (via PT)

04-22-07 Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, IL
Green Apple Music Festival

Set 1: Therapy, Little Shimmy In A Conga Line> Run Like Hell1> Little Shimmy In A Conga Line, Onamae Wa, Kashmir

1 unfinished

04-22-07 The Vic Theater, Chicago IL

Set 1: Gangster > I-man* > Pilin’ it Higher, Great Abyss
Set 2: Strobelights & Martinis > 42, Kelly Watch The Stars#, Home Again$, 7-11
Encore: Down to the Bottom, Spy

* Unfinished
# Air Cover
$ Stasik on bass

Flaming Lips (via etree)

04-21-2007 Brown University, Providence RI

Set 1: Ta Da!, Race For The Prize, Tapsmir, Flight Test, Free Radicals, Yoshimi Pt. 1,
Yoshimi Pt. 2, Vein of Stars, The Yeah Song, Taps/Waitin For A Superman, Pompeii,
She Don’t Use Jelly, Do You Realize?, A Spoonful Weighs a Ton

Gov’t Mule (via

04/20/07 Zewtopia Festival – Mobile, AL

Set 1: Blind Man In The Dark, Mr. High & Mighty, Lay Your Burden Down, Streamline Woman, Mother Earth, Devil Likes It Slow, I Think You Know What I Mean > When The Levee Breaks > I Think You Know What I Mean, Slackjaw Jezebel, Soulshine
Set 2: It Hurts Me Too, A Million Miles From Yesterday, As Long As I Can See The Light, Lively Up Yourself > Drums, Unring The Bell, Mr. Man, Brand New Angel
Encore: Simple Man

04/21/07 The Jupiter – Tuscaloosa, AL

Set 1: Bad Little Doggie, Mr. High & Mighty, Rocking Horse, Banks Of The Deep End, Thelonius Beck, Larger Than Life, Breakdown, A Million Miles From Yesterday
Set 2: Hammer & Nails, Fools’ Moon, Brighter Days, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man, Drums, Effigy, Mule, Soulshine,
Encore: Champagne & Reefer, Can’t You See

moe. (via PT)

04/21/07 Yokohama Bay Hall, Yokohama

Set 1: Crab Eyes, She Sends Me, Blue Jeans Pizza, Shoot First1, Bring It Back Home> She> Akimbo
Set 2: Timmy Tucker> Head, So Long1, Buster
Encore: Don’t Fear The Reaper, Spine Of A Dog

1 al. on acoustic

04/22/07 Shibuya Ax, Tokyo,
Earthday Love and Music Day 2007

Set 1: The Road, Captain America, Y.O.Y., Tailspin, Kyle’s Song> Kids
Set 2: Not Coming Down> Wormwood> Wind it up, Happy Hour Hero> Mexico, Plane Crash
Encore: Time, Spaz Medicine

Perpetual Groove (via

04/21/07 Music Farm – Charleston, SC

Set 1: Mayday>Speedball, Crockett & Tubbs, Only Always, Robot Waltz, Legends of Preston>Mayday
Set 2: TSMM, Mr. Transistor, Glock Jam, Save For One, Walking in Place, Breeze,
E: Crapshoot

RAQ (via

04-20-07 Higher Ground Burlington, VT

Set 1: Beauregard, Clamslide, I Like Pot, Donkey Show> Girl> What goes on> Donkey Show, Georgia> Rattlesnake> Georgia, Carbs> Freya> Carbs, Bob’s Your Uncle

Set 2: I’m Bad I’m Nationwide#$,Whipping Post#, Legalize It, Hannah, Dont Let Go, 15 Shakes, Stuck, Moserini> Shirley> Moserini
E: Downlowgrass

$ Jay on vocals/percussion/keys
# – w/ Mike Gordon on bass

04-21-07 The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY

Set I: Tumblin’ Down, Brother From Another Mother, 15 Shakes, The Ventriliquist, Reason, Forget Me Not, Jam w/ special guest Dave Lew > official Lew-Au II announcement made, no date set > Late Night > Weakling > Quick & Painless

Set II: Walking In Circles > Technounavailable > Walking In Circles, Circumstance, Bag it Out (fire eater on stage) > Shout It Out Loud > Bag It Out, Back to The Head, Sweet Cream Butter, Botz (outro) > Time Bomb
Encore: Late Night [reprise](w/Thunderstruck teases)

Ratdog (via
04-22-2007 Speedway Meadow, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Jam > Jack Straw > Cassidy > Book of Rules, Spinning Frankie for Gasoline, Loose Lucy* > Eyes of the World, Stuff+, Dear Prudence > China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
Encore: Samson and Delilah > Attics of My Life

* – with Sammy Hagar (Vocals); + – w/ Radioactive; Bob before ”Loose Lucy”: “Here’s something for the kids. Today’s a very special day. Today the Red Rocker turns green.”; ”Attics” was a capella;

Spoon (via torrent)

04-21-2007 The Sonar Lounge, Baltimore MD

Set 1: Intro (Back in Black). New Song (Don’t You Evah?), Lines in the Suits, Stay Don’t Go, Jonathan Fisk, The Delicate Places, Small Stakes, Don’t Make Me a Target, The Way We Get By, Paper Tiger, Someone Something, Rhythm and Soul (new song), I Turn My Camera On, The Beast and Dragon, Adored, The Two Sides Of Monsieur Valentine, They Never Got You, I Summon You, Fitted Shirt
Encore: New Song (maybe Black Like Me?) (Britt solo), I Could See The Dude, Anything You Want, My Mathematical Mind

The Stooges (via torrent)

04-21-07 Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA

Set 1: Loose,Down On The Street,I Wanna Be Your Dog, T.V. Eye, My Idea Of Fun, Dirt, Real Cool Time, No Fun, 1970, Fun House, Skull Ring, Trollin’, Happy Birthday Iggy, 1969 (cut short due to guitar problems), She Took My Money, Not Right, I’m Fried
Encore: Little Electric Chair

Tractorbeam (via JulianG)

04-20-07 Ontourage, Chicago IL

dj segue jam>buddha(no lyrics)>inv cyclone>abraxis>inv jigsaw ( middle and Instrumental)>boom shanker>basis>welcome to the machine tease(floyd)>orch theme>basis

Umphrey’s McGee

04/21/07 Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL (via PT)
Green Apple Music and Arts Festival

Set 1: JaJunk> Divisions> Got Your Milk (Right Here), Nothing Too Fancy> The Haunt> Padgett’s Profile> Syncopated Strangers
Set 2: Pay the Snucka, Der Bluten Kat> Hajimemashite> Dr. Feelgood> Der Bluten Kat> The Triple Wide1> Nothing Too Fancy2> Divisions> Pay the Snucka
Encore: Band on the Run> JaJunk

1 Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident) replacing Jake and Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits) replacing Joel
2 Allen Aucoin (Disco Biscuits) on additional percussion

04/22/07 Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago IL (via ICP / runlikehope)

Set 1: Alex’s House > Miss Tinkle’s Overture, Uncle Wally > Jazz Odyssey^ > Slacker, Resolution > Push the Pig

^ Reggae Odyssey

Widespread Panic (via Everyday Companion)

04/20/07 Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC

Set 1: Papa Legba, Little Kin, Time Zones, Better Off, Walk On, Dyin’ Man, Holden Oversoul > Christmas Katie > Radio Child
Set 2: Let’s Get Down To Business, From The Cradle > Chilly Water, Tickle the Truth, Thin Air (Smells Like Mississippi) > Jack, Disco > Vacation > You Should Be Glad > Drums* > Bowlegged Woman
Encore: Goin’ Out West, Give

* with Cody Dickinson on percussion
[‘Children of the Grave’ jam after ‘Drums’; The North Mississippi Allstars opened]

04/21/07 Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC

Set 1: Surprise Valley, Space Wrangler > Porch Song, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, Rock, Smoking Factory* > Drums** > Sympathy For The Devil* > Fishwater*
Set 2: Ribs And Whiskey, Diner > Blue Indian, Flicker, Henry Parsons Died, Ain’t Life Grand > Jam > Driving Song > Drums > Impossible > Jam > Driving Song > Love Tractor
Encore: Expiration Day, Action Man

* with Cody Dickinson on percussion, Luther Dickinson on guitar
** with Cody Dickinson on percussion
[Last ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ – 10/29/00, 476 shows; The North Mississippi Allstars opened]

Wolfmother (via torrent)

04-21-07 Bijou Theater, Knoxville TN

Set 1: Dimension, Pyramid, Apple Tree, White Unicorn, Love Train, Where Eagles Have Been, Please To Meet You, Witchcraft, Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes, Woman, Instrumental, Mind’s Eye
Encore: Vagabond, Colossal, Joker & The Thief

Yonder Mountain String Band (via PT)

04/20/07 Arkley Center for the Arts, Eureka, CA

Set 1: Legalize It, Skulls, East Nashville Easter, Southbound, Long Time, Lord Only Knows (Part One)> Sidewalk Stars, Crow Black Chicken, Troubled Mind, Takes Alot To Laugh A Train To Cry, New Horizons> Don’t Bogart That Joint> New Horizons
Set 2: No Expectations, Winds Of Wyoming, Night Out, Rambler’s Anthem, Ruby, They Love Each Other, Jesus On The Mainline, Only A Northern Song, On the Run> Steep Grade Sharp Curves> On the Run
Encore: Crying Holy Unto My Lord, Hit Parade Of Love1

1 Unplugged at the lip of the stage

Setlist Source:

04/21/07 The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Idaho, Keep on Going> 2 Hits and The Joint Turned Brown> Keep on Going, Damned If The Right One Didn’t Go Wrong, Rain Still Falls, Crooked Hitch, Going Cross The Sea, Sometimes I’ve Won> Classic Situation, Boatman> King Ebenezer Rap> Mother’s Only Son
Set 2: Kentucky Mandolin, Too Late Now, New Deal Train, Spanish Harlem Incident, Just The Same, How ‘Bout You?, If There’s Still Ramblin’ in the Rambler (let him go)> Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie> If There’s Still Ramblin’ in the Rambler (let him go), Finally Saw The Light, Ten> Angel> Follow Me Down To The Riverside> Angel> Ten
Encore: Sharecropper’s Son, Steam Powered Aereoplane, Granny Woncha Smoke Some

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  1. Stevie Wonder co-wrote Loving You Is Sweeter? Wow, you really do learn something new (almost) every day.

    Good to know Warren and Phil are back together…that’s gonna be a fun little festy. Time to make some plans.

  2. Re: Top Ten Epic Songs – I thought I was the only one to know and love the UK’s Embrace. They beat out quite a few legends on that list. They may not be the greatest Britpop band, that goes squarely to the brothers Gallagher, but they know how to write a hit and they put on a great show at Bowery Ballroom a few years ago.

    The Weight

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