Bust Outs: A Hidden Track Debut

Umphrey’s McGee – 5/5/2006 – Home Again

Umphrey’s McGee provided half of one of the cooler bust outs in recent memory when they hit the Electric Factory in Philly on May 5, 2006. It shouldn’t come as a big surprise given that the Umphrey’s boys are like surrogate brothers to the Philly heroes, the Disco Biscuits, but nevertheless it felt like a big surprise when they meandered into a phenomenal take on the Biscuits’ Philly anthem, Home Again. Umphrey’s really nailed the tune, thanks to Jake Cinninger playing with the melodies in the style of Biscuits’ guitar player Jon Gutwillig. Umphrey’s trudged through a really powerful, building digi-groove before lifting the roof off the building and placing it somewhere in nearby Ohio.

Disco Biscuits – 5/5/2006 – In The Kitchen

As we alluded to above, there is a Part Deux of this home and home bust out. While Umphrey’s was busy delivering the goods to the children of the Untz in Philly, the Disco Biscuits simultaneously performed their take on Umphrey’s’ Jammy award winner, In the Kitchen, at their Chicago show on the same night. Make no mistake, the Biscuits wasted little time heading straight for the trance, so diehard Umphrey’s fans may have preferred a more true-to-form cover, but the Biscuits definitely brought a unique take on the song. And let’s be honest, it would probably take months to learn a whole Umphrey’s song note for note. Further, the Biscuits chose to hold up their end of the bargain in a crafty manner as they weaved in their own classic, Basis for a Day, for a couple minutes before returning to the verses to close out their take of the Umphrey’s McGee monster.

KVMW – 3/17/2007 – Pusherman

It’s a little misleading to call this one a bust out, since KVMW (sans Hertz, plus Molo) really only played two shows together, but Kimock tends to maneuver with largely the same arsenal of songs no matter who’s in the lineup. SO, it’s a bust out in my book, biaaatch. KVMW played a masterful rendition of Curtis Mayfield’s soulful drug anthem, complete with coke inhalation sound effects. They really go deep into that dark, funky, porn feeling of this song here. If you happen to have a toilet paper roll stuffed with Downy sheets in your cubicle desk drawer, this is a good time to get it out.

Allman Brothers Band – 6/16/2000 – Mountain Jam

This Allman Brothers mammoth odyssey is best known for the 33+ minute version played at the famous Live at the Fillmore East shows in 1970. The Allmans took the melody from Donovan’s There is a Mountain hallucination…er, I mean song. Several extended versions surfaced in the Allmans early days, presumably because it was a Duane favorite. But it disappeared from the rotation for a large part of the bands career. Nevertheless, fate has a strange way of doing things.

Dickey Betts got himself too drunk, beat his wife and found himself out of a job. Next thing we know, Mountain Jam is back in the rotation. While we will certainly always miss Dickey’s uplifting presence in the band, it’s nice that this little ray of light came out of the whole ordeal. We don’t have a copy of the Mountain Jam bustout from 6/16/2000, but we’re sharing an exceptional version of the tune from last summer in Aspen.

Well, that’s all for today, but if you see or hear anything that you think is special, feel free to leave us a comment below. We’ll do our best to include it in a later Bust Outs installment and give you a well deserved tip of the hat.

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19 Responses

  1. Remember when Phish covered the white stripes covering she’s a bad mamma jamma?
    still not as sick as the ghost->ghostbusters from Halloween 99.

  2. cant believe you guys did not mention the Unbroken Chain bustout in Philly in Marhc of 2005 come to mention it the Dark Star in Hampton or the Help->slip->fraklins, or attics from that run but everythign else is spot on…

  3. The best and (most appropriately timed) bust out of all time has to be when Phish played After Midnight to close the afternoon set at Big Cypress leading up to the midnight to dawn set on NYE 1999.

  4. What a great new addition to HT!

    idea for future a bustout:
    Phish – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (played only 3 times: 12/2/83 , 10/30/98, and 12/1/03 w/ Jeff Holdsworth) The Holdsworth appearance is definitely noteworthy, albeit for him getting turned down to the point where he was inaudible and not even noticing.

    …and you could even talk about the “Mike says NO” incident when the crowd requested Fluffhead during IT as a notable non-bustout.

  5. Wilco’s version of “Love Will Keep Us Together” from NYE a few year’s ago was a great one too. Great addition to HT!

  6. The first thing I thought of was the Unbroken Chain bust-out. I still remember sitting in the computer lab at school that next day, finding out that the Dead played it. I was scouring dead.net, reading that as the opening notes started, people were rushing to go call their friends. I looked around the lab and wondered if there was anyone else there as excited as I was . . .

  7. This column is, simply, awesome. I look forward to this one.

    Are the tracks ever going to be downloadable? Or is that not an option at all… Haha

  8. Thanks a lot everyone and thanks to HT for the opportunity. As for downloads, here you go. Sorry it’s not organized in a single download.

    UM Home Again (this whole show is great if you don’t have it):

    DB In The Kitchen

    KVMW Pusherman

    Allmans Mountain Jam:

    The Destiny is from Live Phish, so you gotta buy that one. That’s the rule right? Lemme know if you have any trouble.

  9. How ’bout being five rows back in Virginia Beach when Phish breaks their Grateful Dead moratorium and offers up Terrapin fucking Station. Crew and family were lining the stage and the lyrics were written out on poster board. Highlight of the highlights of my Phish going life.


  10. I was a teenager backstage in Hamburg in 1996 when I asked Trey about Destiny Unbound. His face soured. “We won’t play that for a long time,” he told me.

    Seven years later I’m in Nassau, stunned.

    What a strange place and time to break it out.

  11. 10-9-89 Dark Star was the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a bust out. I wasnt there, but I used to have a great aud recording on cassette. It was impossible to listen to the roar of the crowd as the song began and not get goosebumps.

    Grateful Dead bust outs could be its own 5 part series!

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