The Verve: ’90s Nostalgia Now 50% Off

Has reunion-mania finally peaked? Turns out that promoters grossly overestimated the draw of ’90s Brit-rockers The Verve, as select tickets for their April 28th and 29th shows at the WaMu Theater At MSG are now being sold for 50% off.


Maybe it’s just me, but did they really think that many people were getting excited about this tour and wanted to pay 50 plus buck just for the opportunity to hear Bittersweet Symphony again? Aren’t people sick of their ubiquitous hit already?

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  1. Just so you know (since you clearly do not): the verve has created much more and much better songs than bittersweet. Perhaps one should not blog on a band one knows nothing about :o). Yes, there are people out there who are dying to see the verve. I know a lot of people who went to England to see them play and the tickets sold out in less than an hour. Let’s stick to what we know or do some research before we speak.

  2. My point was that the promoters maybe overestimated their appeal. One night would probably have sold out no problem, but two nights is stretching it a little thin for a band that hasn’t put out an album in 11 years and was never as big here as they are/were in the UK.

  3. Regardless of their appeal in certain places, trying to play the Garden and bricking it guarantees you to be the butt of a joke or two. You are gonna get laughed at. I got the 50% off email from MSG/Radio City too and was cracking up. Then 5 seconds later I lost interest and said, “Hey look, Al Gore is speaking at Radio City, I always wanted to see that Powerpoint presentation.”

  4. big fan of the verve, would def see them if they were coming to philly – i’ve heard thier shows in the 90’s, northern soul era were unread…

  5. ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ jacked the strings from ‘The Last Time’ by the Stones. They were sued and now the song is credited to Jagger/Richards. Poor Verve. And now no one wants to see them. Maybe they should’ve waited a few more years… or made a competitive new album before touring.

  6. Got my ticket for May 1 in Toronto. If Americans are too stupid to know good music, that is not my problem. Maybe American Idol is on that night. Know “This is music.”

  7. I’ll be there at the Theater at MSG on Monday night. I’ve been waiting eight years to see them live, since buying Richard Ashcroft’s first solo album in 2000. Less people in attendance means more Verve for me. Cant wait.

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