Billy Joel At Shea Night Two: Setlist & More

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The music’s over at Shea Stadium, where Billy Joel just completed his second of two sold-out concerts that are the final concerts ever at the soon-to-be-demolished ballpark in Flushing Meadows Park. The shows, billed as “Last Play at Shea,” featured a grand total of 68 songs and eight special guests.

As predicted by nearly everyone, Paul McCartney helped close down the park by singing and playing guitar on The Beatles’ classic I Saw Her Standing There with the Piano Man and his backing band before being asked back to the stage for a duet on the final song ever to be played at the venue, Let It Be. Congratulations Billy Joel, you just gave Shea Stadium the most fitting farewell concert imaginable. Now, let’s see if the Mets can close out the joint in similar fashion this October.

Without further ado, here’s tonight’s setlist thanks to the folks at

Billy Joel
July 18, 2008
Shea Stadium
Flushing, NY

Setlist: Star Spangled Banner, Miami 2017, Prelude/Angry Young Man, My Life, The Entertainer, Summer, Highland Falls, Zanzibar, Allentown, Ballad of Billy the Kid, New York State of Mind (with Tony Bennett), Root Beer Rag, Goodnight Saigon, Don’t Ask Me Why, Keeping The Faith, The Downeaster “Alexa”, This Night, Movin’ Out, Under The Boardwalk/An Innocent Man, Shameless (duet with Garth Brooks), She’s Always A Woman, Captain Jack, Lullabye, River of Dreams/A Hard Days Night, Walk This Way (with Steven Tyler), We Didn’t Start The Fire, It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll To Me, My Generation (with Roger Daltrey), You May Be Right

Encore: Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Only The Good Die Young,

Second Encore: I Saw Her Standing There (with Sir Paul McCartney), Piano Man, Let It Be (with Sir Paul McCartney)

We’ve also found YouTube clips of a number of songs from Wednesday’s show:

This Is The Time w/ John Mayer, A Hard Day’s Night > River of Dreams, You May Be Right, Please Please Me, It’s Still Rock N Roll To Me, Boys of Summer w/ Don Henley, Downeaster Alexa, National Anthem, New York State of Mind w/ Tony Bennett, Scenes From An Italian Restaurant, Take Me Out To The Ballgame > Piano Man, Pink Houses w/ John Mellencamp, Goodnight Saigon, She Loves You,

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23 thoughts on “Billy Joel At Shea Night Two: Setlist & More

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  2. Bitter Islander Reply

    Thank You Billy for officially putting a knife in the back of the 66,000 people that BUSTED their asses to get tickets to the one and only Last Play and Shea. I am glad that you saved the real special moment for those that were easily able to get tickets the second time around. Way to come through for your die hard fans. Hope that second $2M was worth it because I will never be able to listen to your music again without being bitter. Paul MacCartney playing with anyone is the caliber of musical history that those who went the extra mile deserved on Weds night. Your interview on News 12 “He’s busy rehearsing” You’re entire career you didn’t owe anyone – anything. Now you should at least send a free copy of the DVD to those that got shafted on WEDS night….

  3. coach Reply

    kicking myself for missing these shows.

  4. carolyn cross Reply

    Nice FU from Billy Joel to the Wed. nite fans who got f’ed over . Save the best for last. We got John Mayer and Tony Bennett..Friday’s show was Garth Brooks, Steven Tyler, PAUL MC CARTNEY, with an encore of PAUL McCARTNEY……You suck Billy Joel. I will never spend my time and money to see you ever again. Thanks for screwing over the 66,000 fans Wed. nite.

  5. Jeff Reply

    “easily got tickets for the second time around?” The Friday show sold out faster than the Wednesday show. I busted my ass for tix to the Friday show. Quit crying. You still got to see an AWESOME show!

  6. Dan Reply

    I went to Wednesday night’s show and felt a bit teased into believing many times that night that Paul and Ringo were about to set foot on the stage any minute. And, let’s be honest, there’s no doubt that last night’s guest list was more star-studded than wednesday’s night’s and a slightly more fitting and memorable way to tie it all together and end Shea’s magnificent history. NOW, HAVING SAID THAT… I really feel like I saw an INCREDIBLE show wednesday night. I mean, come on, 4 special guests, 35 songs, 3 hours of music! Done with style and showmanship by one of the greatest New Yorkers and Long Islanders of all time. As a Long Islander now living in Queens and a HUGE Mets and Billy Joel fan whose life and childhood are filled with memories of coming to Shea since 2 years old, I could now have asked for much more. It was a night I will cherish and love forever, a GREAT concert, and so, while I can absolutely relate to what people are saying here, I am very satisfied with and thankful for what I DID see, which was a fantastic, fantastic show. I don’t think wednesday nighters show feel as upset as above. Was still a really great show!

  7. Tom Reply

    When “the concerT” — “not concertS” was announced in winter, I figured, “Billy and Paul are friends…could happen…” Bought 4 for the “concerT”expecting to see Billy invite Sir Paul. I shared a lot of great memories with my family at the dilapidated old park. Stones. Police. Who. Pete Rose’s hitting streak. Pope John Paul’s II visit. Yes, make no mistake, Wednesday night’s show was GREAT. But last night was THE concerT. I agree with the earlier post. Billy, you need to make up for this. Saying “I suck” isn’t enough. Send us the DVD, that would be a class act.

  8. Patty K Reply

    I heard the news today, OH BOY, it was as if there had been a death in the family. The death I am referring to is Billy Joel because as of today, he is dead to me! For 30 years I have been a fan, first seeing him in concert in 1980. When “LAST Play at Shea” was announced, you can bet we tried for tickets, were lucky enough to get and went on the Wednesday night (originally billed as the “LAST” concert). Great show, great time, O.K. on the guests (I do love you John Mellencamp)….but the audacity of Mr. Joel to save the best for last………Steven Tyler, Garth Brooks, Roger Daltry….and I cannot even say it without crying…PAUL MC CARTNEY…..there are NO WORDS. Billy, you SUCK and apparently are a money hungry dirtbag like all the rest of the entertainment world. You professed to be different and always complained about the scalpers…well guess what, you offered them up another concert to scoff up tickets and then rape the people with them. Remember when Beatles records were burned in a hugh bonfire down south in the 60’s?, Well I’m firing up the BBQ today Billy, SEE YA!

  9. Lauren Reply

    Everyone needs to stop blaming billy Joel for this. Did you ever stop to think that maybe he TRIED to get Paul McCsrtney for the first show but he was UNAVAILABLE! Ya know, he has a schedule too and Billy cant just have him cancel any prior commitment. Geez, you people act as if Billy Joel did this all just to screw over thousands of his fans. Get over it and appreciate the fact you were at a concert that millions of people were trying to get tickets to, to no avail. People need to learn to appreciate things a little more and lay off Billy Joel. He is not the only planner in all of this and probably tried his best to get great guests both nights. You saw Billy Joel is you went on Wed night, and isnt that what you really paid to do???

  10. Craig Reply

    Wednesday was a brilliant show and easily one of the best concerts Ive ever been to. WITH THAT SAID, the show is still forever tarnished in my eyes.

    The whole encore I hoped Paul and or Ringo would come out and when they didnt, i knew the Friday was gonna get Paul. The 63,000 people who busted their humps to get those tickets for Wednesday’s supposed last show totally got shafted. Garth Brooks is the biggest selling solo artist of all time behind Elvis and the Who have actually headlined Shea twice in their own right and Paul McCartney is basically a musical godsend.

    Now I have absolutely no problem with the best being saved for the last show BUT what the sensible and fair thing to do would have been to have put Friday’s show on sale FIRST and then the 2nd show should have been on wednesday to give everyone else who wasnt lucky to get tickets to the LAST PLAY, a fair shot at least seeing Billy. Or he could have put both shows on sale at the same time or split the guests up a little more evenly.o offence to John Mellencamp and Don Henley

    From what Ive heard, John Mayer was a last minute sub for Elton/Sir Paul which is like substituting Babe Ruth with Steve Balboni. Billy doesnt owe us anything, he put on a great show, but his half joking apology to wednesday’s audience for it not being the last show, hurts a little more given what friday’s audience got.

  11. Tina Reply

    Atleast we saw him do My Life on wednesday! I’d take My Life over Garth Brooks anyday!

  12. Tina Reply

    Oh just kidding…read the set list too quickly haha.

  13. Ryan Reply

    I was at Friday’s show, and I would be pretty upset too if I was a Wednesday show goer instead, but here is my two cent synopsis:

    Seeing Paul McCartney was a quick rush and of course there was historical significance, but if I’m being honest…the actual highlights of the show were spread throughout Billy Joel’s three hour performance of lyrics and memorable melodies from his entire career that are burned into your psyche.

    The Beatles are rightfully legends. Maybe Billy Joel is just too available. With as many shows as he plays, he is like the amazing girl that is always around and too easy to overlook. (Sounds lame but you get the idea).

    Yes, it was interesting to see the guests, but if you are a show goer: you’ve already seen McCartney, Tyler, Daltrey, etc and will have the opportunity to do so again. Would I rather be at Wednesday’s show? Fuck, no. But to deride Billy and say you are no longer a fan…that is just silly. I stopped being embarrassed to embrace Billy Joel a long time ago, his lyrics are some of the most inspired, creative, and intelligent in music, and I would love to get a beer with the guy. God bless The Beatles but lets also praise the reason for the show at all: Billy Joel.

  14. Don Reply

    Everyone needs to calm down. It is what it is. You people had to know that he would do a second show (those first night tix went so fast). I was at the Friday show, and it was probably the best show I have seen and a moment of history that won’t be forgotten. I could have done without Garth Brooks. I am actually glad they are tearing down Shea (Yankee fan here), not only because the stadium itself has no charm, but the sound system really sucks. Once again it was a great event and everyone needs to give Billy a break. To say that you are no longer a Billy fan because of this is insane. You guys are taking this way too personal.

  15. Craig Reply

    The bottom line is you cant put tickets onsale dubbing it the last play at shea when it in fact isn’t. That would be like saying Billy Joel opening Citi Field and calling for a 1st play on a Saturday night and then he goes and adds a show the night before so your show is no longer the 1st play. Everyone who went Wednesday didnt have to know anything about Billy adding a 2nd show when they bought tickets and they most certainly didnt. Everyone who went wednesday at least deserves this dvd he’s putting out as a freebee for the awful way these tickets were put onsale. I swear the Mets manage to break your heart even at concerts!

  16. Lori Reply

    I think the Wednesday people who are whining about the second show and about them getting screwed over sound like a bunch of babies. I mean seriously…..”I’m not going to waste my time or money anymore”…..might as well be on the playground telling the kids your taking your marbles and going home.

    I’ve been a Billy Joel fan all of my life….and I have missed shows because they have sold out….and I have missed “final shows” because he’s added nights. It’s not like it’s never happened before….I mean seriously. Did you people think that ONE night was really going to be the only show? Billy Joel and a final farewell to Shea….and you guys thought that after the first show selling out in 10 minutes that there wouldn’t be another one? There’s millions of New Yorkers out there…of COURSE there was going to be another show…..and besides….yanno there are New Yorkers and die hard Billy Joel fans who didn’t get to see EITHER show……so be happy you were part of history and quit whining. REAL New Yorkers don’t whine…..

  17. JoeyB Reply

    Lori – I agree with a lot of what you say but as a real New Yorker and a long long time Billy Joel fan that did enjoy Weds night – i feel like one my heroes really SHAFTED me. Tony Bennett was there both nights – but Sir Paul sitting in with anyone is music history – the kind that made me get up at 6am on a Sat and make sure I got tickets to this historic Weds night show. Weds night was fun but I would not have gotten tickets had I known there would be a Friday show – or just gone after Friday. Thats the point here. I agree that all Weds night ticket orders should be comped on DVD of the shows. That would be an easy, easy way for Bill to make it up to his fans without scacraficing more than 5% of his profit on the 2 nights.

  18. Fred Reply

    I hate when people call him Sir Paul. Why’s he a Sir, cause the powerless so called “queen” said so? He’s an ex-beatle who got taken to the cleaners by a one-legged gold digging ex-wife of a woman.

  19. Fred Reply

    you people are all crying like you got screwed over on wednesday night. Why? Because he had better guests on Friday night? YOu all payed to see a Billy Joel concert, which you got and then some. Is he under obligation to provide a dream team at every concert he plays just because it happens to be the last concert at a particular venue? Gimme a break.

    Billy Joel owes you nothing. You paid to see a concert and got just that. It happens all the time when a concert sells out that they add a 2nd or 3rd show. You all had to know that was a real possibility.

    Alot of people couldn’t get tickets to either show. So consider yourselves lucky. You’re like the servants in the Bible who complained when they got a fair day’s wages and whined when the newer servant received the equivalent.

    Grow up. It’s not like it’s the last event ever at Shea Stadium, anyway. That will most certainly be a baseball game….or better yet…a stadium implosion. Go get tickets to that!

  20. dont be pissed Reply

    I don’t know why you are pissed that you got tickets for going to Wednesdays show instead of Friday’s. First of all, saying that the people who got tickets to Wednesdays show are Billy’s “die hard fans” is ridiculous. Do you really think that there are only 60,000 die hard Billy fans? Second of all, it wasn’t his decision, it was Shea Stadiums. Its called a contract and Billy had no choice. Shea wanted another show so they added another one. Quit crying, you got to see him play. Be grateful. If you were really a die hard fan then you wouldnt be complaining so much.

  21. Chilly Jackwater Reply

    Wait…you’re telling me he played PIANO MAN????

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  23. Lala Reply

    McCartney was announced to have just landed from London before the friday show.

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