Pullin’ Tubes: Jaco Demos the Moog Guitar

On October 9, I had the pleasure of seeing Umphrey’s McGee at Clifton Park’s best music venue in a strip-mall: Northern Lights. While the concrete box that was the room left something to be desired, the packed house received two blistering sets of Umphrey’s and guitarist Jake Cinninger played his new Moog Guitar prototype the entire night.

Gear-heads can read all about the specifications over on the Moog website. Watching Jake play the new toy was a real treat as the expressions on his face displayed a mix of excitement and honor as he was the recipient of one of only eight prototypes. Impressively, with this brand new instrument (which defies the rules of standard guitar manufacturing), Jake still sounded like Jake. Sure, he had his regular amp and pedals – but his signature tone and style was still completely captured by the new axe, and with a few extra tricks to add into the mix.

The Moog is the third new major axe to be used by Jake this year, as he started the year off experimenting with a Hagstrom and has also been working with the guys at Becker Guitars as well.

Here’s a video where Jake demonstrates the abilities of the Moog:

For more great videos from Moog, check out their official YouTube page.

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  1. ridiculous.

    moog is going nowhere.

    what a great name, tradition and NOW, affiliation w/ one of the brightest, most exciting and hardest working bands in rock-n-roll.

    moog and UM are very similar in their rise to all-stars!

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