Wednesday Intermezzo: Marco Returns Home

The West Coast had it good this past month with a residency by Marco Benevento at Yoshi’s in Oakland, where he performed every Tuesday night with a different set of special guests to support his latest album, Me Not Me. On Saturday, Marco returns home for a special Trio gig featuring Andrew Barr on drums and Marc Friedman on bass at Brooklyn’s Bell House.

Tickets – reasonably priced at $15 – are still available for Saturday’s show.

Let’s take a look at what’s happening around the ‘nets…

Finally, Jazz impresario George Wein has stepped up to the plate to help the Festival Network put on the Newport Jazz and Folk Festivals. Wein, who founded both festivals, sold his production company two years ago, but has returned in an effort to keep the Newport events going through these tough economic times. God bless George Wein.

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  1. What does everyone think about the suit to block bootlegger merchandise?

    From their lawyer: “Since the inception of Phish’s popularity in the 1990s, Phish’s concert tours have been plagued by individuals who sell unauthorized merchandise near, at and sometimes inside a concert venue”

    They don’t really define if it’s using their name and trademarked images, but I assume they have the name trademarked. Does this mean the whole “bootleggers poster” conference would be technically illegal? There has to be some clarification here….

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