The B List: 10 One Hit Wonders From the ’00s

2. Daniel Powter – Bad Day

Has there been a song used in more commercials than Canadian Daniel Powter’s Bad Day? The song reached the top of the charts in 2005 and has been used in commercials and to describe sporting performances ever since.

3. Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out?

You couldn’t go to a sporting event in 2000 without hearing Who Let The Dogs Out? blaring from the PA. The Bahamians haven’t scored a hit since.

4. The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love

While English glam rockers The Darkness we’re pretty big over on the other side of the pond, they only scored one hit in America. I Believe In A Thing Called Love hit #9 on the Modern Rock charts in 2003. They never cracked the top 40 again.

5. Afroman – Because I Got High

Afroman’s ode to weed, Because I Got High, was one of the first viral sensations way back in 2001 before the song became an international hit.

6. The Corrs – Breathless

The Corrs have been huge in their home country of Ireland for years and years but they only busted into the American mainstream with the Shania Twain-esque Breathless back in 2000 and stayed on the charts for over a year never to return.

7. The Calling – Wherever You Will Go

You couldn’t get away from the radio in the early ’90s without hearing Wherever You Will Go by LA’s The Calling. Wherever You Will Go topped the Billboard Singles chart in 2001 and the recurring singles chart in 2003.

8. Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom

Fountains of Wayne have been critic’s darlings from the mid ’90s to today but only found heavy duty commercial success with the release of Stacy’s Mom off of Welcome Interstate Managers in 2004.

9. James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

While there’s still a chance singer/songwriter James Blunt might score another hit single in the future, he’s never come close to replicating the success of 2005’s You’re Beautiful.

10. Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles

Vanessa Carlton topped the adult contemporary charts with A Thousand Miles back in 2002 and hasn’t come even close to landing a hit single since.

So, what did we miss on our list? Tell us all about your favorite one hit wonder of the ’00s by leaving a comment below…

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4 thoughts on “The B List: 10 One Hit Wonders From the ’00s

  1. John W. Kennedy Reply

    While it is true that the Corrs never managed to break into the US, except with “Breathless”, it is not true that they were only popular in Ireland. They were very successful world-wide. Their last live DVD, for example, was shot in Geneva, and my copy of Andrea Corr’s solo album, which was never released in the US, is the Japanese pressing. Just sayin’….

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  3. Diane Reply

    You missed OK Go

  4. Alee Reply

    OK Go isnt a one-hit wonder you idiot

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