Bloggy Goodness: Peace Out

Believe it or not, legendary singer-songwriters and avid activists Joni Mitchell and James Taylor were responsible for getting Greenpeace off the ground. Back in 1970, the duo played the Amchitka Benefit Concert to help raise $18,000 for the Don’t Make A Wave Committee (DMAW) to charter a boat named Greenpeace to protest the testing of nuclear bombs in the Pacific Rim. The international environmental organization recently released the concert as a double-disc – which also includes a set from Phil Ochs – with all proceeds benefiting Greenpeace.


Finally, with their touring days behind them, industrial-rockers Nine Inch Nails have found themselves with a bit of extra equipment lying around that they have no need for anymore and have turned to eBay to unload it to the highest bidder. The band’s current auctions – which end in about three days – includes everything from a Flying V guitar to a Fernandes Nomad Travel Guitar. Trent Reznor & Co. are promising that hundreds of items will be listed in the coming weeks – so good luck and happy bidding.

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