F4tF: Vancouver, A Foodie Trip PT. 1

Followed by tempura.


It was time for a drink, so the flow of the Asahi big bottles started.


Hydrated, we resumed the Omakase.  Next up was their Lobster Salad, Steamed atlantic lobster, green papaya, mizuna, mango and daikon sprouts tossed with lime house dressing according to the description on their site.


Which was followed by three local oysters, one with wasabi fish roe, the other two with Ponzu sauce.


The next course out was not fish but pork (yay!).  Pork belly with mashed potatoes.  Nice having pork belly well prepared somewhere else other than Momofuko for a change.


The main fish dish served with the Omakase was Link Cod with a Fresh Sea Urchin Sauce.  I love seafood, and don’t usually shy away from “strong” flavors.  The fish was so fresh.  The sea urchin sauce was very flavorable but had a “very concentrated” sea taste to it.


This meal was turning out to a great introduction to all of the fresh seafood that Vancouver has to offer.

We were ready for an intermezzo, sorbet perhaps?  Nope sushi and sashimi.  Left to right:  Toro (1pc), Sardine (1pc) and Eel Roll (2 pcs).  Very refreshing after that powerful fish dish.


Dessert was a raspberry creation with homemade lime sorbet.  Perfect end to a great seafood meal.


On Saturday, around noon, we went to Go Fish down by Fisherman’s Wharf.  A little shack of a  place that puts out killer seafood and the best fish & chips I have had in a long time. At one point in my career I spent several years with Legal Seafood in Boston and their stuff is of the same caliber in terms of freshness and quality.


Their Halibut fish and chips was fried crispy on the outside while still staying moist inside.  They chips (fries) are made in-house fresh. A little malt vinegar (for the chips), squeeze of lemon and some tarter sauce and I was good to go.


Right behind Go Fish is Fisherman’s Wharf, where all of the commercial fishing boats dock.  You can go right down to the dock and buy directly from the boat.  They have signs for everything they sell and the fisherman were real laid back and easy going, but so is everyone else in Vancouver.


The best part of the trip, my blackberry was off the whole weekend.  More to come next week…

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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