Lost Cubicle Chatter: Sundown

In  an effort to focus our attention on something besides Phish for a change, we’ve decided at HT headquarters to (hopefully) drum up some good chatter about the final season of the greatest television show in the history of the idiot box. Check in on Wednesday of every week  during Season 6 to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.

Synopsis: As always, we teamed up with the Joker from Coventry for this week’s setlist and recap. Side note: Joker ran a reprint of the epic LOST/Phish Tees if anyone missed out the first time around.

Geronimo Jackson, 3/3/2010

Set I – (Off Island): Me & My Uncle (1) > Dirty Deeds (2), Accidents Will Happen (3) > Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (4), Eggs (5) > Happiness is a Warm Gun (6)

Set II – (On Island): Kung Fu Fighting (7), Evil Urges (8) > Cuts Like A Knife (unfinished) (9) > (I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight (10) > Drunken Hearted Boy(11) > Stay or Leave (12) > Cuts Like A Knife (End) > Die Die Die (13)

E) Exodus (14) > Tweeprize (15)

(1) Grateful Dead; WTF? Sayid is an Uncle?
(2) AC/DC; Omar on vocals, Sayid on guitar
(3) Elvis Costello
(4) Sophie B. Hawkins; Sayid on vocals
(5) Ryan Montbleau, Martin Keamy on vocals and guitar
(6) The Beatles
(7) Carl Douglas; Sayid and Dogen duet
(8) My Morning Jacket; Sayid and Dogen singing a canon
(9) Bryan Adams, *Unfinished
(10) Cutting Crew, Sayid + Flocke
(11) Allman Brothers; Dogen
(12) Dave Matthews Band; Dogen & Sayid
(13) The Avett Brothers; Smokey
(14) Bob Marley; Flocke leads large group sing along
(15) Phish; With “Jin Stepped Into The Freezer” lyrics

Epic One Liner of the Week: Miles easily takes the quote of the week when explaining Claire’s return to the temple. Miles: “That crazy Australian chick just burst in here” Kate:  “Claire?” Miles: “Yeah I think think so, and she’s still hot.”

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: Hands down, Sayid takes the cake for the easiest “come over to the darkside” sell of all time. I don’t know what it is about this show, but for all the great acting and writing, when it comes to anything even tangentially related to love, without fail, they tank.

Overall: You have to know any episode during which Jack takes PTO is bound to be good. Fun stuff as Sayid, Flocke, and Claire appear to have instigated a “pick sides” ultimatum, Sayid and Jin get tangled up with some goombas (led by one of Widmore’s guys from the boat, Martin Keamy), and the smoke monster penetrated the temple thanks to Sayid’s sketchy bargain. Overall: A-

Discussion Points: We seem to be getting some heavy hints, or at least ambiguity, as to whether it’s Jacob or MIB that is in fact “Evil Incarnate.” So, who is it?

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6 Responses

  1. they taught me back in texas that the greatest thing the devil ever did is convincing people that he does not exist. seems like FLocke is doing a good job of that. he kills everyone in the temple that doesnt follow him…seems pretty evil to me.

    following up from previous episodes, where is sawyer? where are jack and hurley? what is it that jack has to do? is jack the only one that can kill FLocke? why is it that ben could stab jacob and kill him, yet when sayid did the same thing nothing happened?

    gotta love miles. hes been on the island too long though if he thinks claire still looks hott.

  2. Loving the setlists. Nice work fellas.

    I agree that MIB will be the evil doer. I think any allusions to Jacob (honestly didn’t even notice this) being the evil one are just to confuse folks and throw people off track.

  3. I think who is evil (or probably more so, who is right vs. who is wrong) is the question that will never be answered on this show. It’s all about perception. That’s the whole point of the show and to a degree even life, no? War is a prime example of this. Every side has a story.

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