Jambands.com Features: April 2010

A fresh batch of Jambands.com feature articles have been posted today and among this month’s features is a sneak preview of the upcoming Relix cover story on MGMT. The MGMT boys talked to Relix about what to expect during the Congratulations tour, Will Berman’s thoughts on rejoining the band, Andrew VanWyngarden’s take on seeing Phish and James Richardson on the difference between the Grateful Dead and other jambands…

I really like the Grateful Dead’s music, and I think they’re pretty different from any other band, including a lot of so called jambands that might be going for that same approach to playing live. But a lot of people look past the music and the way they played and just see the ‘jam’ element to it.

Also new to Jambands.com today is the second installment of Randy Ray’s 20 Years of moe. series. Randy starts by chatting with moe. guitarist Chuck Garvey about how the band came together and more before speaking with the other moe. guitarist, Al Schnier, about a number of topics including the chance of the band sticking around for another decade or two…

AS: I don’t see why not. But…I mean…you never know. This wasn’t ever supposed to be a 20-year thing. This was a hobby, so who knows? I guess anything is possible. Things in the moe. camp couldn’t be better at this point. In this day and age, it’s remarkable to have a job for 20 years.

In other news that we got from Jambands.com, it appears as if Phish bassist Mike Gordon and Phish keyboardist Page McConnell are each working on new solo albums. According to what Gordon told Relix, it sounds like we should expect to get bassed from his new release…

“This album is kind of bass-oriented. Not in that the bass is the lead, but that the rhythms and the patterns are bass centric. The uniqueness is centered on the bass. So the bass is the key instrument. On Inside In, the pedal steel is the key instrument and if you had to say it for Green Sparrow, maybe electric guitar. But this time it’s the bass.”

No word yet on release dates for Mike and Page’s new LPs.

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