Grateful Dead: Fall ’89 Downloads

Phantasy Tour user _Duanebase_ stands out from the rest of the users on the PT Phish message board by constantly posting great MP3 downloads in the forum. His latest thread contains links to tagged, high-quality MP3s of each show the Grateful Dead played during Fall ’89.

I recently became a fan of this period after watching the Crimson, White and Indigo DVD release, so this thread was just what I was looking for as I wanted to quickly put together a collection of soundboard recordings from this fantastic era in Grateful Dead history. If you’re only looking to add a show or two, may we suggest the “Formerly The Warlocks” gigs from October 8 and 9 at the Hampton Coliseum. Thanks to _duanebase_ for taking the time to tag, upload and share these files with the rest of us.

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  1. You might also check out Workingman’s Tracker: they have Miller soundboards of almost the whole ’89 spring tour still seeding (eleven of the sixteen shows). You need a membership but it’s free. WT is a really great torrent site focused closely on the Dead and peripheral bands (there are a few Go Ahead shows currently up, and a lot of Garcia). I spend more time there than on etree, personally.

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