FMT: Favorite Jam Band Studio Cuts

A couple of weeks ago, Dave, Jeff, Scotty and I attempted to tackle the collaborative project of creating our defining list of favorite jam band studio tracks. Ultimately, we came away with about 75 different entries and not a whole lot of uniformity. So, needless to say it’s still a work in progress. But in the meantime, I figured we could open it up and see what everybody else thinks while listening to a few favorites in this week’s mix tape.

To begin, we have Widespread Panic’s should-have-been-a-hit-single, Airplane, off of Ain’t Life Grand and then on to the defining version of Divided Sky from Junta with its beautiful acoustic intro and glockenspiel pings. Next up, it’s the jaw dropping vocal finale fireworks from Hot Buttered Rum’s Poison Oak and the systematic ambiance of Atmosfarag in all its Browning family (no relation) glory. Finally, we have two of the all-time studio epics in moe.’s Rebubula from No Doy, which is also featured on their new Smash Hits: Volume 1, and the Disco Biscuits’ Home Again.

So, what are your favorite jam band studio tracks? To be continued…

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13 Responses

  1. Dreams – Allman Brothers Band
    Opium – moe.
    Soul Serenade/Rastaman Chant – Derek Trucks Band
    Hey Emilie – The Mother Hips
    Rocking Horse – Gov’t Mule

  2. We actually ended up deciding to break it up into two lists: 2000-2009 and 1990-1999.

    The title track from Mantis is looking like a strong contender to top the more current list with Light making a strong campaign.

    The older version list is still a toss up. Everything from the Seapods, to DMB, to Strangefolk, to GSW showed up. Nightengale looks like a shoe in too.

  3. These come to mind:

    The Slip – Invocation
    moe. – Tambourine
    WSP – Blue Indian
    Phish – Sample In A Jar (I know, but it’s a nice quality)

  4. 2 best “jam band” studio albums:

    The Slip “Eisenhower”
    Percy Hill “Color in Bloom”

    (although don’t let The Slip hear you call them a jam band)

  5. Not because of my name, I promise, but WSP’s Jack, off Aint Life Grand, is the best. I also second Airplane.

  6. If the term comes out of the GD, then wouldn’t Ripple/Brokedown have to be the no-brainer with all else battling for the silver? In fact, would’nt the choice for 2nd place be a choice of Help/Not/Franks or TMNS? – Oops- I didn’t see the 1990-1999/2000-Current disclaimer…

  7. In A Big Country- Moe
    Wake Up- String Cheese Incident
    All this Everything Pt 1- Perpetual Groove
    Don’t Tell the Band- WSP

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