Stormy Mondays: Warren Tackles Led Zep

The Fourth of July is just days away so it’s time for the fourth annual Stormy Mondays’ Battle with the British, this time featuring Warren Haynes as he tackles the Led Zeppelin songbook.

[Photo by MusicMagic]

This weeks’ mix opens with a short Moby Dick jam by the Mule followed by a slow, sweet John the Revelator > When the Levee Breaks > John the Revelator, so smooth it’s like it’s all one song. After that is PLQ with St. Stephen from Roseland in 2001 when the super group dropped into an impromptu Good Times, Bad Times jam with Warren belting out the wrong lyrics. A cool bit of trivia is that on their next date in the NYC area, Jones Beach, they dished out a much tighter, more intentional reprise of the moment. Next is a ripping Living Loving Maid and a heavy, heavy, heavy No Quarter from the Mule at Vegoose in ’05.

To cap things off is a bit of essential listening, Since I Been Loving You from the ’Roo with John Paul Jones crushing the bass. Crank it up and let the fireworks fly. As always, enjoy!

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  1. minor correction: John Paul Jones actually played the keyboards w/ Mule on Since I’ve Been Loving You @ Bonnaroo- great podcast- thanks for this!!!

  2. no doubt that bonnaroo set was epic (all that and franti too!)…..

    check out Dazed & Confused, ABB Boston 08/08/2007. WH channeling some unspeakable evil, making those LZ satanist rumors look like so many campfire girls meetings.

    I was terrified and couldn’t sleep for a week after that.

    (memory serves, there was a notable Mule “No Quarter” at the Boston Orpheum as well, but that D&C seemed to come out of nowhere).

    Nice job. Love the Track and Stormy Mondays. Keep bringing it.

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