Video: Reservoir Dog Biscuits

“Let me tell you what this End of Summer Tour is about. It’s all about our fans being in the big venue with the big bill. The entire tour is a springboard for a big lightshow and big production.”

the Disco Biscuits have just released a hysterical viral video based on the opening scene of Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 classic Reservoir Dogs. Starting tomorrow in Delaware, tDB play 14 shows with a little help from Mim0sa, Jay Electronica, Orchard Lounge, The Glitch Mob, RJD2 and Raekwon. In addition to headlining gigs, the band will make stops at Black Water Music Festival, Nocturnal Festival, and North Coast Music Festival.

For a little reference, here is the original scene.

Disco Biscuits – Reservoir Dogs

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2 thoughts on “Video: Reservoir Dog Biscuits

  1. brent Reply

    The only impressive apart of this video is how much Barber looks like Chris Penn… JEEEZus take care of your self buddy.

    Technically speaking tho, whoever shot/edited/directed this should be shot. Terrible, just terrible. Shallow depth of field does not mean you have talent or your product looks good. This is textbook awful. But you tried so hard. Never stop trying?

  2. wardy Reply

    I’m not a sophomore film student, so I won’t criticize the ‘shallow depth of field,’ and I’m not even that much a Bisco fan…but I think this is probably the coolest thing a jamband has ever done.

    If Vampire Weekend had done this, it would be the viral video of 2010.

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