Cover Wars: Skin It Back Edition

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Bonus Video Of The Bridge [longer and looks like additional guest horn players]:

Note: There is a Part II to that video as well.

Day By The River: This now retired jamband was also featured in the You Enjoy Myself edition of Cover Wars. There is something very 1999 sounding about this recording, but I can’t exactly put it into words. There is an open-ended jam tacked on to the end that segues into another tune, hence the fadeout. Source: 3-11-1999

Phish: Unlike the other Little Feat songs in Phish’s repertoire (Time Loves A Hero & On Your Way Down), Skin It Back has been missing in action since the late ’80s. Well, that’s not entirely true – it was soundchecked and broadcast out to the fans within radio frequency as they were headed into the IT Festival in  2003. There’s only a few recordings out there of Phish playing Skin It Back, and this is definitely the best one. Source: 7-25-1988

String Cheese Incident: SCI played this one three times in 2002 and then it disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since. Bill Nershi provides the middle guitar solo on an acoustic, only time you’ll hear that this week. Another fadeout on this one, as they are working themselves into the jazz standard Blue Bossa. Source: 10-11-2002

Tishamingo: This band I had never heard of destroys this tune at a great tempo. This is a good recording too (it’s had some post-production work). The cover is concise but very good. Source: 8-6-2005

Widespread Panic: Bands like Gov’t Mule, Widespread Panic and Phish need to cut the shit and just allow their fans to put recordings up on the Live Music Archive already – it would really make my job a whole lot easier writing this every week. But alas, I can’t find a torrent I can connect to from one of the three shows where WSP played this cover back in 2002, so all you get is this crappy YouTube video.  Source: 10/31/2002

Checking in on last week’s Moonage Daydream contest, Of Montreal has claimed victory narrowly edging out The White Stripes.

Here’s a video of Little Feat too:

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13 thoughts on “Cover Wars: Skin It Back Edition

  1. Jesse G. Reply

    I love that youtube of Little Feat doing the song. Just so damn funky.

  2. DaveO Reply

    Thanks for the link Ted!

    I’ll add the audio later this evening, appreciate the contribution.

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  4. Spagett Reply

    This is unspagettable. maybe “the boys” will bust this tune back out. i love it when they play skin it back. whooooooo spooooogeeeeeetahhhhhh! oooh a spoooget

  5. Quacko Reply

    Well Panic’s version would have been 1,000,000,000,000, times better with Mikey but I still voted for them even though Georges guitar makes me cringe.

  6. brien Reply

    Tishamingo’s version of this song kills Panic version. I am a huge Panic fan but Tishamingo covers this song as well as The Band’s Chest Fever better than Panic does anyday.

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