Disco Biscuits/Omega Moos: Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 11/28/09

In a universe where the pulse is driven by a constant trance-fusion jam, The Disco Biscuits are renowned kings.  Native to Philadelphia, The Disco Biscuits wrapped up a psychedelic two night stand at the incredible Electric Factory on Saturday night. 


Opening promptly at 8:30pm were the Omega Moos.  This breed of classic rock mega-beast is made up of two powerful jam bands: Umphrey’s McGee (Brendan Bayliss and Ryan Stasik) and the New Deal (Jamie Shields and Darren Shearer).  The Moos transformed well known rock songs into elaborate key and guitar-filled solos with booming bass lines and thunderous drum beats.    


I immediately became a fan of Umphrey’s McGee back in July when they opened for Matisyahu, again at the Electric Factory.  With unreal extended improvisations on elaborate jams, it’s impossible not to be stunned with the musicianship.  Similarly to that evening, while standing at the barricade the bass almost shook me out of my jeans.  


Uniting just this past fall, the Omega Moos put forth supreme prolonged jams over classic rock tunes.  Throughout the hour and ten minute set, the band featured augmented jams over Thomas Dolby’s, “She Blinded Me With Science,” ELO’s “Shine A Little Love,” and Foreigner’s “Double Vision.”  The classic rock aficionados wrapped up the evening with Billy Idol’s famed song, “Rebel Yell.” 


Shortly after 10:00pm, the lights dimmed and the Disco Biscuits took the stage.  The brilliant laser display captured fans as the band quickly dove into tracks of their 2009 Widgets EP.  Blending electronic rave beats with wicked guitar riffs, the Biscuits have set themselves apart from many other jam bands.  The feeling was almost as if you were on a wonderful dreamlike adventure where the music kept the journey alive.


Originally based out of Philadelphia, PA, the Biscuits have made a name for themselves over the past decade with almost constant touring.  Though after playing their 92nd show of 2009 on Saturday night, the band is looking forward to some time off, but not before they make a trip to Jamaica on the “Caribbean Holidaze Jam Cruise” in December.   


During the opening set the DB featured songs off of their Widgets EP and songs off of their next release, Planet Anthem.  Their latest album is set to be released in the late January early February timeframe.


The throbbing strobe lights and surreal jamming kept the night alive as the Disco Biscuits played full throttle.  One fan from Pittsburgh that I spoke with was seeing the Biscuits for the 59th time.  He said, “The shows have been blowing me away ever since I started following the band in 2002.” 


It’s amazing when a band can stream together song after song and go nonstop with such mind-blowing dominance for as long as they did.  Playing a jam packed three and a half hour set, the Disco Biscuits left fans on cloud nine as they left the Electric Factory at 2:00am. 


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