Mystery Science Theater 3000 Creator Launches Kickstarter to Reboot Series

The power of streaming television is a terrifying, spectacular thing. As we’ve learned, “…with great power there must also come — great responsibility!” and what’s more responsible than bringing back television shows that were cut down before their time?

Whether you are a human being, alien, A.I., or any other sort of cognitive creature, you’ve no doubt kept tabs on pop culture since the moment of your inception. And if you’re a movie or odd television buff there’s a decent chance MST3K rings a clear bell in your brain. Excited yet? You should be, because good news cinephiles, everyone’s favorite sci-fi comedy riff show is making a comeback! Well, hopefully.

Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000, has begun a crowdfunding campaign to get back in the game for another season of the experiment that should have never ended!

In a video explaining the campaign, Hodgson appeals to his “die-hard MSTies” looking to their fandom for the resources he needs to keep the dream alive. There will always be room in the world for MST3K because there will always be ‘B’ movies to riff on; as long as the world keeps creating crappy film Joel and co can make it better!

The appeal of crowdfunding is the fact that networks (or in this case probably Netflix/Amazon/Etc.) won’t have to find the budget for the show, and instead take on the already built in audience and fan base for a shot of nostalgia and a ratings boost. Joel’s doing it the right way y’all and it’s up to us to make this happen.

You can donate to the Kickstarter here. After only about 6 hours of being online, the campaign has already raised almost $600,000. While that’s impressive in and of itself, it’s still well short of the $2 million minimum to make this dream a reality. There’s plenty of time left to donate, however, as the campaign doesn’t end until midnight on December 12. Here’s hoping the love doesn’t die and that Hodgson gets the chance to revive this show in all its original glory.

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