LANY Makes Catchy Electro-Soul On ‘Make Out’ EP (INTERVIEW)

There might be those who want to easily disregard LANY as just another electronic combo, but the trio has been hitting on all pop cylinders since they uploaded some tracks to Soundcloud in 2014. What makes em hitting the right notes is their penchant for R & B – silky 80’s grooves and slinky notes that fans of Prince or Twin Shadow will dig.

Pronounced “Lay-Nee” Les Priest, Jake Goss, and Paul Klein met in Nashville some years back and as mutual admirers of each other’s work gradually created new songs, put them out on a SoundCloud account, and uploaded their work to zero followers. But as the story typically goes, a buzz followed and their EP Make Out debuted.

“One of my friends once said, ‘You guys make make out music.’ I just thought that was so cool, and I even thought ‘Make Out Music’ would even be a cool title, but we wound up going with just “Make Out,” and there’s really nothing more to it than that. I just thought it was kind of clever and thought-provoking, and kind of provocative,” said Klein in an earlier interview.

On the heels of Make Out LANY has reached #1 on hypemachine, #39 on Spotify’s 100 emerging artists at SXSW and have toured with Twin Shadow, Tove Styrke, X Ambassadors, and Halsey. LANY also just announced that they will be opening for Troye Sivan on select dates of his US tour in February and March 2016, as well as for Ellie Goulding on her UK arena tour in March 2016. The band will also be performing at Bonnaroo, Sasquatch! and more to be announced. With the trio about ready to hit the big time, we talked quickly with Klein via email…


LANY could have maybe started within any realm of rock but why the melodic synth based side?  I know you guys had the songs first but how did you get to this point musically?

We write and record at the same time. so, technically, we didn’t have the songs first. We talk a lot about instinct. i think that’s where our instincts led us as we found something really special in those little synths and drum machines. So take that, add infectious melodies and really honest lyrics, and you get LANY.

Many bands put songs online on soundcloud, but so few get a response- how did u get such a response so quickly?  

If we had to get specific, my guess is that hillydilly heard it and posted it first. If it wasn’t them, then it was someone else. Somebody found us and posted it because we uploaded those songs to zero followers!

What has been the biggest struggle or obstacle so far for LANY?  

LANY trying not to be LANY anymore. We’re making a record right now, and of course we wanna always be taking risks and trying new things. but the second it stops sounding/feeling like LANY, we’ve gone too far. Everyone has a lane in life, I think we know what our lane is. Wow, it’s just committing to it and realizing the strength and greatness that comes with owning it.

You recently released your MAKE OUT EP?  Have you envisioned a full length soon and what creative ideas do you have for that debut?

Yeah, making a record right now. I’m not really a “concept album” guy. i think if you just know who you are and stay really true to yourself, your end product will totally make sense because it came from you. I’m sure the theme of our record will be love with tinges of euphoria and heartbreak and disappointments and friendships and frustrations.

lany33Please tell us what each member brings to the band and what their strong-suit is musically?

Each member brings 33.33% to the band. Jake is the drummer, but sometimes he writes really cool, little keys parts and melodies. and les is the engineer, but sometimes he comes up with cool guitar and bass lines. I sing and write the lyrics and play keys and guitar.

On stage who do each of you sometimes envision yourselves as musically aside from yourselves?

I don’t really do that to be honest. even when I’m listening to another band, I’m usually envisioning myself on stage playing their song.

Would you agree that you have a large female fan-base?  What are your thoughts on that?

Yeah and we love that. and there are a lot of guys as well. i think girls are maybe just a little bit more vocal about it right now. but, honestly, guys or girls… we don’t care. We are gaining a fan-base that is passionate, loud and awesome.

What other bands are you enjoying right now or have seen this year that have really caught your ear?

 I’ve loved the 1975 for a long time. i think they’ve done an amazing job at owning their lane and being the 1975. Found this kid named Cameron that has a project called “rvrb.” he put out an EP recently, and i like it a lot. i think Troye’s record is really great, and he’s a good friend of ours. I’m a big fan of Majid Jordan. and Honne puts out really honest songs that always sound incredible.

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