Xavier Rudd and Izintaba – New Album & Tour

Bright sunny skies, white sand beaches and rolling turquoise waves is where Xavier Rudd recorded his new musical work, and the setting couldn’t have been better for this next selection of songs.  Back in 301 Studios in Byron Bay, Australia, Xavier completed his latest album, “Koonyum Sun,” and his first recording with a South African rhythm section comprised of Tio Moloantoa on Bass and Andile Nqubezelo, formerly of the late Lucky Dube’s band, on drums.

 Xavier, Tio and Andile formed a bond in the summer of 2008 at Austria’s Nuke festival that extended beyond a fundamental musical respect for each other.  Their relationship—like their musical tastes—reflects a passion for unifying culture, sound and understanding. Moving away from the heavier-edged sound pursued on 2008’s “Dark Shades of Blue,” Xavier is back to his up-beat, hip-swaying sound—a mainstay on previous recordings—and is now backed by the tour de force of Tio and Andile under the new group “Xavier Rudd and Izintaba.”

harleston City Paper experienced the new lineup live this past summer, raving “With a powerful presence center stage, bassist Tio Molontoa cranked out some funky bass with a background of the aboriginal flag, while drummer Andile Nqubezelo, stage right, demolished the drums…From beginning to end Rudd’s performance had fans in a frenzy bobbing around to a fusion of Aboriginal Funk.”

Xavier Rudd and Izintaba are looking forward to releasing “Koonyum Sun,” an album that they are extremely passionate about and proud of from beginning to end.


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