SONG PREMIERE: Sisterly Harmonies Shine On SHEL’s Love Song “Let Me Do”

The first thing you probably wonder when you hear the band name SHEL is, what does that even mean? It may seem a little odd, but it is actually the acronym of four classically trained sisters: Sarah on violin, Hannah on keyboards, Eva on mandolin, and Liza on percussion and beatboxing. Together these sisters, who share the last name Holbrook, grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. These days they are based out of Nashville, but it was back in Fort Collins where the Holbrook sisters first learned that if they pooled their prodigious vocal and instrumental talents they would create something together that was unique and special. That something was SHEL, which has been catching on as of late because of the sisters’ ability to create a sound that blends their classical background and a deep love for legendary acts like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Harry Nilsson and even Metallica with something as folky as it is poppy.

On May 13th SHEL release their new album Just Crazy Enough via Mad King/Moraine Music and today you can get a sneak peak with Glide’s premiere of the tune “Let Me Do”. Like most of the songs on Just Crazy Enough, “Let Me Do” is insanely catchy as the sisterly harmonies come front and center of a sound that brings to mind a folkified, stringed Tune-yards.

“We were finishing up the album and everyone, including myself, was desperately hoping for a love song. The verses for ‘Let Me Do’ had been sitting in the back of my head collecting dust as another song, with Hannah’s help they were reimagined in a new context that I would never have thought of on my own,” says mandolinst Eva Holbrook, offering some personal insight to the song.

Listen to SHEL’s “Let Me Do”:

Just Crazy Enough will be out May 13th. For more info and music visit You can also PRE-ORDER HERE. 

Cover photo: Taylor Ballantyne

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