GLIDE EXCLUSIVE: The Show Ponies Announce New LP ‘How It All Goes Down’ & Premiere New Track “The Time It Takes”

showponies2The Show Ponies have announced that their third studio album How It All Goes Down will be released on January 20, 2017. The album is available for pre-order now and the band has shared an incredible new track “The Time It Takes” from How It All Goes Down, which Glide is premiering below.

To date, The Show Ponies have over 14 million plays on Spotify and have toured alongside American Aquarium, Rascal Flatts, and collaborated with Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) and with their new album look to leap alongside The Lone Bellow and The Head and The Heart in the indie folk world.

From the driving intro of “The Time It Takes” to the final fiddle note of the title track, How It All Goes Down, produced by Andy Freeman, is a folksy reflection on the end of the world, which for many might hold significance on this day after the election.

Drawing from journeys through heartache, exhaustion, and joy in their time both at home and on the road, the band look at doomsday through a largely hopeful lens. The same nostalgic bent that first endeared them to fans shows up in tracks like “Kalamazoo” and “Folks Back Home”: odes to how ‘the way things were’ can never be again. Poignant lyrics come alive in the Ponies’ heartfelt harmonies—the four horsemen (and one horsewoman) of a rollicking apocalyptic hoedown.

While no one knows quite what the future does hold, the Show Ponies plan to face it the same way they’ve faced the past six years. Wedding or funeral, high time or dry time, there’s one cross-country tour van ready for whatever lies ahead. For folks like these, there’s only one way to take on whatever’s to come: “Keep on lovin’ you and singing my song.”

“‘The Time It Takes’ is about things in life that come later than you would’ve initially wanted them to. But then when those things happen (falling in love, getting married, making albums etc.), you realize that you have such a better understanding and appreciation of them because of all the time that went into those things coming to be,” says Clayton Chaney (vocals, bass). “The song is about being refined by fire. From a production stand point, this song is about refining our sound to still sound like The Show Ponies without sounding like anything we’ve done before.”

How It All Goes Down is now available for preorder below and “The Time It Takes” is available as an instant gratification track with pre-order…





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One thought on “GLIDE EXCLUSIVE: The Show Ponies Announce New LP ‘How It All Goes Down’ & Premiere New Track “The Time It Takes”

  1. Jim & Joyceline Davis Reply

    Your ‘The Time It Takes’ is great! Really a good sound. When you guys coming back to Reno?

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