SONG PREMIERE: The Harmed Brothers Charm With Twangy Steel and Emotional Lyrics On “In The Wind”

Portland outfit The Harmed Brothers have been quietly carving their own path for a handful of years now, growing tighter and more original with each respective release. In the time they have been a band The Harmed Brothers have went from something of a ragtag bluegrassy group to more Americana sounds. Now, with the release of their eponymous album on April 21st via the venerable Portland label Fluff & Gravy, the group is tapping into something that, while not entirely different than their previous work, shows maturity and offers us more than a few reasons to be excited. With this album the group is embracing a sound that is far more indie rock, yet with a Pacific Northwest vibe and a bit of twang where necessary.

The songs on The Harmed Brothers’ latest album are purely melodic and infectiously catchy. Each one on the album is more pleasing to the ears than the next, and it’s impossible to ignore the fact that these fellas are really onto something special. One of those songs is “In The Wind”, which we are excited to premiere today on Glide Magazine. With the addition of a beautiful pedal steel and a banjo, the song is one of the most country sounding on the record with plenty of twang and some serious, emotionally potent songwriting.


The Harmed Brothers release their new album on April 21st on Fluff & Gravy Records. For more music and info visit

Top photo: Chad Lanning

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