The Head: Hang On

The Head are a power pop trio from Atlanta consisting of twin brothers Jack (drums, lead vocals) and Mike (bass, keys, lead vocals) Shaw along with guitarist Jacob Marrill. Hang On is their first full length and features a polished, dynamic take on pop rock that brims with solid melodies. Unearthing a bit of Cheap Trick and The Raspberries it is evident these lads are serious about their power pop songwriting.  “Lady Lovely” turns between a gorgeous chorus and chunky lead riffs as the verses bulk up the song into one of album’s strongest. “Sneeze” is catchy and authoritatively performed with propulsive and lyrical bass lines that lead the song into somewhat busy chorus where crunchy guitars threaten to overwhelm these sweetly capable voices.

With rock solid playing and a freshly melodic spin on 70’s AM radio rock this young group shows of a rare ability to channel an older tradition but play it with a full slate of personal inspiration. At times recalling the short lived Tommy Stinson side project Bash and Pop of the early 90’s, Hang On is the way creative and emotional pop music should be made. “The Ballad” is driving and direct with no frills – a little bit Fountains of Wayne minus the quirk.  “What’s Wrong” glitters with refined acoustic guitar and palpable emotion. Energetic and fun the focus is on writing solid songs and making a cohesive album where each track holds its own. With this remarkable consistency the album feels fully realized.

Check it.




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