Kimya Dawson Reveals Her Thunder Thighs

Kimya Dawson is not preaching to the choir, rather gladly admits standing in the middle, arms around each member, singing her upcoming self-released album, Thunder Thighs due out October 25th via Burnside Distribution.  As Kimya's seventh album, the assumed lo-fi sound has taken a delightful turn with the addition of pianos, backing choirs, string arrangements and several beats produced by rapper Aesop Rock.  Although the personal touch of Kimya's delicate strumming and the crackling of her soft voice still sit forefront, the backbone is a more mature solid arrangement that supports her powerful poetry. 


The mother of one, who's work with The Moldy Peaches and the Grammy Award winning, platinum selling soundtrack for the film Juno, did not record alone.  With her latest release, Kimya has recruited several artists to join the aforementioned choir, appearances by Aesop RockJohn Darnielle of the Mountain GoatsNikolai Fraiture of the StrokesBryan DanielsonForever Young Senior Citizen Rock and Roll ChoirOlympia Free Choir, and her own five year old daughter Panda create an eccentric journey through Kimya's revealing and honest songs.  The first of 16 tracks to be uncovered is "All I Could Do," a live performance for Kimya's chickens in her backyard shot by Aesop Rock.  The first track of the album acts as a musical snapshot of Kimya's life, and is the perfect introduction to her latest release.


1. All I Could Do

2. The Mare and the Bear

3. Year 10

4. Miami Advice

5. Solid and Strong

6. Zero or a Zillion

7. Same Shit/ Complicated

8. I Like My Bike

9. Driving Driving Driving

10. You're In

11. The Library

12. Walk Like Thunder

13. Captain Lou

14. Reflections

15. Unrefined

16. Utopian Futures 

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