The shock factor of Nurses hits you after you learn that there are merely three guys from Portland, Oregon controlling the multitude of sounds and effects stitched into almost every one of their songs. Dracula, the band’s third album, can easily be added to the stockpile of modern, techno-rhythmic indie records. Hovering a few octaves bellow Passion Pit, Nurses seems to emulate either an amped up Grizzly Bear or a chilled out Panda Bear.

At first listen the fluctuations of Aaron Chapman’s soft but high pitched whine can strike you as unwonted, but after another go, they start to be one of the most intriguing aspects of Nurses’ sound. The band delivers a solid attempt with Dracula, not bad by any means, yet not exactly outstanding. In songs like "Trying to Reach You" and "Extra Fast," nuances of doo-wop or experimental are teased, but for the most part Nurses stick to what they know best- playful harmonies floating on ethereal breezes of digital pop and primordial beats. "Fever Dreams" is assumedly the core track on the album with its fun, catchy trills and chants and twirl worthy ambiance. Though the after taste of Dracula might be a bit lacking, Nurses’ quirky take on contemporary music is definitely worth a listen.

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