Melodic Rockers LiquidLight Share Track-By-Track Commentary of New LP ‘Wicked Radio’

Portland, Oregon rockers LiquidLight recently dropped their sophomore studio album Wicked Radio. It showcases an experimentation with a new sound that pushes the songwriting and vocal performances to the fore, while still acknowledging that they are a band capable of demonstrating instrumental prowess. The new record both pushes their boundaries and sees them returning to their roots with a diverse realm of inspiration for their music. Anthony Medici’s lead vocals lend a menacing pop element to the sound and structure of the band, echoing the melodic sensibilities of the left of the dial era.

Wicked Radio was mastered at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles by Grammy-winning engineer Evren Göknar who has worked with notable acts such as Tupac Shakur, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carole King, Steve Vai, Lenny Kravitz, KISS, Mariah Carey, Iggy Pop, Heart, and N.W.A, among other artists. The Capitol Tower’s legendary aura provided a mystical spot with an exceptional team to capture the magic that conjures on the album.

LiquidLight has the psychedelic energy of a 70s band on the road for the first and last time. Living on the edge, living through the hurdles of existence and most of all living for the love of creating something that adds a sparkling narrative to the rock scene. The band’s use of trippy psych and rock elements create both a mosh pit party and radio-friendly atmosphere. To give us a personal perspective on what makes Wicked Radio such a special album, the members of LiquidLight have shared track-by-track commentary, which you can read while listening to each tune.

“Cookie Cutter”
People passing judgement on you and turning you into their fantasy version of what they think you are. For the better or for the worst.

“Wicked Radio” (title track)
A song about running away from mainstream radio and its very overplayed rotation.

“Too Much!”
Dealing with too much negativity in every area of your life and being sick of it.

“The Way You Are”
A classic story of a fling gone wrong and the erosion of passion into a state of confusion and resentment. You know. The good stuff.

“Keep Me Out Of It”
A situation of friends fighting with other friends in a situation that you are not a part of, but eventually are dragged into and left to pick up the slack because they are handling it so poorly.

“Wayne’s Dream”
A song about blissfully slipping in and out of sleep surrounded by nothing but peaceful energy, and in that moment all is right with the world. Until you have to get up, that is.

“Disappearing Ink”
The idea of someone trying to trick or deceive you and falling for it, and then learning to anticipate and overcome these things. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…I think not.

Just like the title, a song about investing yourself in someone to the degree of being able to be walked on. Something one should never subject themselves to but is a common occurrence.

“What’s Your Name?”
A song about the pursuit of your own inner peace and the journey of figuring out who and what you really are.

“Shut It Down”
Going after what you believe in and keeping at it, even if you fall on your ass while trying. If at first you dont succeed…..

“Nice Guy”
Being in the right place at the wrong time and being Nice while doing it, and being a Guy.

“Never Come Back”
Being stubborn and trying to find your way out of that pattern. But being pulled back in by yourself and your ways.

“It’s Alright (You’ll Come Around)”
Even when you find yourself getting into ruts, eventually the right road presents itself and you “come around” to doing the right thing.

“If You Care”
The Realization of the bigness and smallness of yourself as well as everything else. So come along.

Wicked Radio is out now. For more info visit

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