SONG PREMIERE: Bob Schneider Explores Poppier Musical Terrain With “Sing About Love”

bob schneider

One of Austin’s most celebrated musicians, Bob Schneider, is set to release his new  album, Blood and Bones – his 7th studio album since his 2001 solo debut Lonelyland – on June  8th via his Shockorama Records imprint. Blood and Bones captures Schneider at a unique, and distinct, place.

The songs on Blood and Bones reflect this. Recorded quickly with producer Dwight Baker, who has worked with Schneider  on 6 of his previous releases, the album highlights the  chemistry that Schneider and his backing band of Austin’s very best musicians have developed while relentlessly playing live, most notably at the monthly residency Schneider has held at  Austin’s Saxon Pub for the last 19 years.

Today Glide is excited to premiere “Sing About Love”, one of the standout tracks on the album. The song shows off Schneider’s diversity as an artist and his thirst to continuously grow his sound and his range of influences. In this case, the song is one of his poppier efforts, undeniably synth-driven with jagged and simple guitar riffs. Schneider delivers soulful vocals that eventually give way to a more sprawling guitar solo and spirited backing vocal harmonies. Throughout his decades as a figure of the Austin, Texas music scene, Schneider has never shied away from exploring new musical terrain, and “Sing About Love” is just another example of what he can accomplish when he sets out to do something new. 

Sharing the inspiration behind the song, Schneider says, “I crowdfunded my last record through Pledge Music. One of the offers we had was to put your name in a song for a certain amount of money. This was one of those songs. I guess I did about five of them all together. Anyway, this was the last of those songs. My wife, Laura, was not too happy with the fact that other people were getting their names in songs and she wasn’t, so on this one I added her name to the song as well. I will say that there are quite a few romantic songs on this album and that comes from the combination of feelings I have for my wife and daughter, both of which are fairly recent additions to my life.”


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