Fulero//Lehe: Cocoon


Fulero//Lehe is the brainchild of keyboardist Asher Fulero and guitarist Sean Lehe. Having met on the west coast festival circuit the two road warriors found time to spend three days recording with bassist Mark Murphy and drummer Zach Bowden in Sacramento in 2011. Their self-released debut, Cocoon, is out now and is a creative amalgamation of Phish-influenced jams and Steely Dan jazz-rock. Fulero and Lehe split the writing duties on six originals and the band wisely chooses a cover of Radiohead’s “In Limbo”.

The band shines brightest when the communication between Fulero and Lehe is highlighted, as the two namesakes are able to skillfully blend their sensitive melodic ears. Opener “Time Goes By” is evidence of the Steely Dan influence with a sweeping chord progression and endearingly passionate vocals. The cover of  “In Limbo” is the most unique track on the album, the knotty grooves of Radiohead liberating the band from more standard jam rock structures. They utilize this fertile creative ground to explore horizontally instead of headlong toward a guitar peak. “You’ll Know Why” shows a different side of the band, a blues shuffle lament that carries catchy melodies and fulfilling chord progressions. On “Life Inside the Blue” Lehe unleashes his guitar prowess and indulges an affinity for prog-rock. A furious guitar peak deftly showcases a resonant power.

On the album’s closer “Sugartooth” the band unleashes their spirit and soars. Fulero drives the song with a Yes inspired keyboard line that expands the dynamic foundation. When the band goes digging for seven minutes of uninterrupted instrumental play, they find a warm and patient pause in a pastoral section of music. Lehe seizes the moment to tastefully weave in and out of Fulero’s melodic support and we are off toward to a vibrant peak. 

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